Headed Down Under

Well everyone! Once again I get to spend a lot of time catching up on my romance novel reading while on a long-ass flight across the Pacific. Last time I was headed to China. This time I’m going to Australia!!


I’ll be gone for a two-week business trip to the land down under, spending time in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane before taking another plane on over to New Zealand for the weekend. Woot hoot hoot!


Seeing as it takes about 24 hours of straight travel time to get there, I imagine I’ll be spending quite a bit of that time with my nose in my Kindle. Then I have the whole flight back to look forward to. If only I had thought ahead and picked out some books with a few hunky Aussie lead male characters! Dammit Lauren, use your head!!

Unfortunately I’m heading to Australia during their winter, so I’m coming to terms with the fact that I probably won’t get to spend all day admiring Chris and Liam Hemsworth surfing in nothing but their swim trunks. But alas, that’s ok! My new goal is to see a kangaroo fight. Catch ya on the flip side!!

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