Sasha by Tonya Plank

Well, it’s official. I will never get tired of reading about naked ballroom dancing. It’s just so passionate and delicious, I can’t help but want more!

What’s it About? 


From the moment I saw her, I knew we were destined to be together. Both on and off the dance floor. I was second-place World Latin ballroom champion. I just needed the right partner. And with her passion, her immense talent, and her beautiful, sweet soul, I knew Rory was the one. But she was also a ghost of someone I’d lost back in Russia, and missed dearly. We were two halves in desperate need of completion. Before we could rise to the top, we had to heal each other. SASHA is a re-telling of the FEVER:A Ballroom Romance trilogy, but told from Sasha’s unique perspective.

First Impressions

I always get slightly worried when reading a book in a series that retells the previous novels from a male perspective. Sometimes getting inside the male mind so closely can be a dangerous thing! Not to mention it can make the story line seem slightly repetitive. However, I’m happy to report that reading this novel from Sasha’s perspective had the total opposite affect. If anything, I found that this retelling really helped to humanize Sasha’s character by letting us see all the emotion lying underneath his thick outer shell.


Talent or Love? 

In the first three novels, I always thought Sasha was presented as a bit of a hard ass. It was difficult at times to tell how he truly felt about Rory. Did he simply love her because she could be a good dance partner who could help him win, or because he truly loved her for her?


In this novel we see how his love and adoration for Rory runs extremely deep. If anything, his apparent coldness in the previous books was because he was worried about getting her mixed up in the drama of his tipsy turvy life. I felt like we finally got to see a softer side to Sasha that revealed how much he cared about Rory.

Another aspect of this novel that I thoroughly enjoyed was that it sort of condensed the story lines from books one and two of the FEVER series into just one novel. I always felt book one kind of dragged a bit, so I was happy to see us get into the nitty gritty details even sooner. Especially when it came to his search for his lost sister, Tatiana. Although, I must say it kind of weirded me out that Sasha was first drawn to Rory because she looked so much like his sister.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Sasha, book 1. Technically you don’t have to read the FEVER series beforehand, but I always like to read things in the order which they were released. But I’m weird like that.

Should you read it? An interesting read from a different perspective. We also get to see that Rory wasn’t alone in dealing with all the drama at the dance studio. Sasha bore the brunt of it as well. Overall, I’d say it’s an important read to fully understand Sasha.

Smut Level:  I’d say this book was even sexier than the FEVER series. There’s so much more detail! Gotta love how flexible they both are in the bedroom.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Dark Swan Press. 309 Pages.



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