Go Deep by Bella Love-Wins

When it comes to college sports, I find hockey to be violently interesting. Baseball? Mildly tolerable. Football? Good God what was I thinking?

What’s it About?


Slade ‘Slaughter’ Clark

I’m a southern college football star in my senior year, and all eyes are on me, just the way I like it. I’m not riding a wave to the NFL. I am the wave, and everyone knows it, including my fans, opponents, coaches, every NFL agent who matters, and the hot little chicks who follow me around. I’m the whole package…with a package that leaves chicks wanting more.

There’s just one exception. Cassidy Greyson. She is the uptight cheerleader, my brother’s best friend, and a fellow student in a few of my courses. Getting a piece of her is now my informal senior year ‘pet’ project. Little does she know she’s about to be owned.

Cassidy Greyson

I worked my butt off for three school years and two long summers so I could graduate early and get the hell out of my backwater life in Louisiana. Sure, I stuck to the cheerleading, but only because it was a family tradition that my mother insisted I keep up. Just because my older sister, Caroline, fell for the ‘be-a-cheerleader-to-marry-an-NFL-star’ trap, doesn’t mean I want to follow in their footsteps.

This is why Slade ‘Slaughter’ Clark doesn’t have a chance in hell. I’ve avoided falling for the arrogant jock up until now, and there’s no way I’ll let him in. My business professor may have thought he was doing us both a favor when he forced Slade and me to partner up for a major project. I just wish I didn’t have to stare into his sexy hazel eyes or watch him flex his tight, bulky muscles while we work together.


First Impressions

It is no secret among my family and friends that I detest football. College level, pro, it doesn’t matter. The fact that I chose to read a romance novel featuring the sport means I probably need to get my head examined. What can I say? I wanted to give it a try in spite of my aversion to the sport. That being said, my main problem with this book didn’t come from the sport itself, but rather the man doing the playing. Pretty much from opening bell he’s portrayed as a stereotypical jock who thinks the world of himself, and his only reason for pursuing Cassidy is because she’s the only good looking girl on campus he hasn’t screwed yet. He sees himself as a god who is a gift to all women with his sexual prowess. I mean, the novel starts with his involvement in a descriptive threesome.


Changing Feelings

Now, everyone is capable of change, and we do see how Slade and Cassidy’s initial dislike for each other transcends into love. However, I must say I was kind of confused by this transition. It seemed like one day Slade saw her as a challenge to be conquered, and once conquered dismissed. There was no one moment which could be attributed to his change of heart towards her.


There seems to be no real emotional connection between these two characters beyond the physical. Even after Slade starts to admit he might have feelings for Cassidy, he still treats her like crap. He never really returns any of her phone calls, and almost assumes she’ll be grateful to end up with him. Kind of hard to like him.

As for Cassidy, her sudden change of heart for Slade was also a bit of a head scratcher. She’s hated him since they were adolescents, and has refused his advances ever since he became star quarterback and she became cheerleader. Now they are forced to work together for a project, they end up sleeping together, and eventually she admits to having loved him for years. Wait a minute, since when? I feel like their childhood connection was never fully explored.


Series: Bad Boy Sports, book 1. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of this first novel, I can’t say I’m done with the series. Cassidy’s best friend and Slade’s brother prove to be very interesting characters.

Should you read it? I think it took too long for us to see any kind of affection from the arrogant jock, Slader, and even then it was kind of hard to see. Hard to get emotionally invested in a novel when you don’t like one of the main characters.

Smut Level: The cheerleader and the football player. Rah rah indeed.

Moral of the Story: Ladies and gents, never make a bet with your friends about getting into somebody else’s pants. It will inevitably get back to that person, and cause a whole lot of heartache. Has She’s All That taught you nothing?!?!

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Amazon Digital Services LLC. 203 Pages.


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