Pierced by Sydney Landon

This is the second book I’ve read this month where I went in with absolutely zero expectations, and I kind of ended up being blown away. It makes it kind of hard though to judge how much I really enjoyed it. Was it just because my expectations were beyond low, or was it actually that good? Gah, it’s like a bibliophile’s version of the chicken or the egg argument.

What’s it About?


My name is Lucian Quinn and I own one of the most successful software companies in the world. I’m twenty-nine, rich and single. Impressive right? I’m also a favorite target for every hungry socialite looking to land the uncatchable catch. Maybe it sounds vain, but the fact that I’m a God between the sheets doesn’t hurt my stock any. What these women don’t know though is that I’m completely screwed up and damaged beyond repair by my past. The only part of me I’ll ever willingly give them is the hour it takes to make them scream…several times. Then I saw her…

I’m Lia Adams and I’m in my last year at St. Claire’s University in North Carolina. I grew up with an abusive mother, and a twisted stepfather who was worse…so much worse. I’m so close to escaping from my past and making my dreams come true. I’ll do anything necessary to survive, even work as an escort to help pay for my college expenses. The men that I accompany to various events as an escort for Date Night are mostly harmless and just want an attractive woman on their arm for an evening. It has never gone further than that…until him…

“I want you to call into work tomorrow and quit your job. I don’t think you need to bother with notice; it’s not likely you will ever use them for a future job reference.” I nod my head in agreement, fighting the sleep threatening to claim me when his words finally hit me. What the h***? “Wh—What did you say?” Had I imagined the whole thing? Without looking at me, he repeats his demand. I shake my head, completely confused. “What are you talking about? Why would I quit my job? Oh, no,” I gasp in horror, “are you trying to get me fired because of tonight? It was just cold medicine!” His eyes are glittering in the darkness. “Baby, if I wanted to have you fired, I would. I want to f*** you, but not when you’re being paid to be my date.”

Circumstances bring two people that should have never crossed paths together and in the days and weeks ahead, they grow close quickly, each seeing a kindred soul in the other. As ghosts from their past rise to haunt them, they cling to each other as their lives start to spiral out of control. Soon, they realize that they’re both damaged possibly beyond repair. Will their love be what saves or destroys them?

First Impressions

I was initially drawn to this book because of the excerpt included with the synopsis. I thought to myself, it’s been a while since I read a good ole’ pure, possessive alpha male novel. You really need one every once in a while. Figured it’d be one of those low-key romances which was more sexy heavy than plot heavy. I was hoping for a nice, low stress book without too much drama. Well, the fickle hand of fate intervened, and hello massive back story with excessive amounts of family drama! Definitely a surprise!


Past and Present Come Together

Lia comes from a troubled family background which she has been avoiding and running from for years. After she and Lucian start doing the horizontal tango her past comes back full force with a vengeance. Although their relationship started as something purely physical, Lucian is there to stand by Lia as she confronts her past and her bitch of a mother. It is his support and comfort which helps her see things through.


This is one of those interesting novels where you just know that everything is slowly coming together for one final climactic explosion of holy sh*tness. At one point you even think to yourself, ok things are going too well here. What’s going to screw it up? This is not only true when it comes to Lia finally coming face to face with her neglectful mother and abusive step-father, but also with the revelation of the darkness behind Lucian’s own past. It’s something that is hinted at throughout the entire novel, but it isn’t until the final chapter, in one sentence, that we discover Lucian has been dealing with a shitstorm of his own.


Series: Lucian & Lia, book 1. This book ends on a crazy, suspenseful cliffhanger. I’d recommend having book 2 at the ready, just in case.

Should you read it? Lucian proves to be a rather interesting and troubled male lead, who actually likes to snort cocaine. I can’t wait to see how that little secret will be revealed. Although both characters are troubled, they find strength in each other. A slow build-up to a cliffhanger isn’t usually my favorite kind of ending, but it definitely holds your interest throughout.

Smut Level: At one point, Lia kind of fashions a nipple clamp out of a piece of dental floss, so…yeah.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. FREE!!! Amazon Digital Services LLC. 235 Pages.


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