Outlander Returns!

If you’re an Outlander fan like me, then you undoubtedly jumped for joy, and maybe even cried a little bit when the fantabulous Season 3 premiered on Starz last week.


And what a premier it was! Honestly, I think it might have been Sam Heughan’s best performance to date, and the dude pretty much just laid on his back throughout the entirety of the show. But my God did he do it well.


I’m also so unbelievably grateful that they’ve found a way to incorporate more of Frank’s character into the TV show. Let’s face it, prominent scenes featuring Frank in the later books within the series are almost non-existent, so I really do enjoy seeing how they’re able to creatively incorporate his character into the show. I mean, the onscreen chemistry between Tobias Menzies and Caitriona Balfe is absolute perfection. I completely understand why they’d want to keep him around for as long as possible!


An amazing start to the series for sure. And yes, I was ugly crying for a large portion of the show. When I told my sister and mom they were like, “Oh, you cried? Which part?” Ummm, the barn scene? Are you kidding me??? Gosh, even thinking about it now….give me a moment.


Unfortunately I also found out another Outlander detail last Sunday that almost brought tears to my eyes, and not in a good way. About a year ago, I finally finished what I thought was the last main book in the series, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. Not gonna lie you guys, I was not a fan of the last few books of this series. Starting with about book 5, each novel was a massive tome of about 1000 pages or more, and there was so much needless historical detail that had little to do with the plot I couldn’t help but be bored. But I trudged through it and finally finished them all…OR SO I THOUGHT!


Lo and behold, last Sunday I discover that Diana Gabaldon is writing a ninth book, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. Whyyyyyy?????


Look, book 8 ended on a fine note, can’t we just leave the damn bees where they are and call it a day? I’m sure this is a dream come true for a lot of Outlander fans who can’t wait to read more about Jamie and Claire. And most of them probably already knew this ninth book was a thing, and I’m just laughingly late to the party. I just keep thinking about how this signals another 5 months or so of my life reading about daily life and hygiene in the 18th century. And why do I think this book will be a continuation of the boredom I experienced in books 5-8? Well, let’s see what Diana Gabaldon herself has to say about the upcoming release, shall we?


“My books are huge”. “2-3 years…to write and research and publish”. I love the dedication to the craft, but what if the books were…less huge? Please?


Now don’t get me wrong. I’m gonna read this book when it releases. I’ve come this far, I’m not gonna back down now. I’ll try and go in with an open mind, but it’s going to be hard considering how much of the last few books I just skimmed through because I wanted to get to the actual story already. Here’s to hoping that book 9 will be just as good as this Season 3 premier was! Or that the TV show will still be up and running, and just as fantabulous as ever by the time book 9 actually releases!!



8 thoughts on “Outlander Returns!

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you. As much as I loved the first few books and as much as I am a student of history I had the same reaction to the last few books.
    I have so much trouble with time travel in books anyway, (Jk, no really) that 800 pages is often a bridge too far for me. But somehow I feel they are worth it although there are times when I feel like I am reading Thomas Merton in high school for my summer reading list. 😖 I need the story ! but that’s the beauty of television or movies all of that stuff can be incorporated or ignored but hopefully included.
    Still anytime I’m having a bad day all I have to do is Pinterest a little Sam Heughan and all is right in my world.

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  2. I agree with you, too, even though I AM a big history buff. But seriously, I have trouble with drawing Jamie and Claire’s adventures out. I kinda got tired at Book 4, skipped ahead to Book 6, didn’t like it at all. The further you get away from the original premise of the first book, “Outlander,” the less I liked the books. I think Mr. Moore, I believe, his name is, who is the creator of the series in Starz has done a superb job of filling it holes, making Frank a real person (not in the first few books, he was kind of a cardboard character), and lots more. I especially liked in the Second Season where they had Gabaldon (who, as a fellow author, I met once), rewrite for TV, the Duke of Sandringham episode. In her book, no matter how many times I’ve re-read it, that whole episode did NOT make sense and left a lot of untied loose ends. Also, why did she have to kill off the beggar, Hugh, in the book? Not necessary, and I noticed they didn’t do it in the TV series. I believe Mr. Moore has made great strides with Gabaldon’s books, making them fuller, richer, and more understandable, while keeping all the historical trivia to a minimum or, as it’s supposed to be, background information, NOT the story.

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    • I concur 100%. I remember being so nervous when I first heard the TV show was being made, and I’ve just been completely blown away. It’s superb. And you’re totally right, as you move further away from the first novel in the series I think each book removes itself from what was so great about the first one.

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