Pride and…Puzzlement?

What do Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, murder, and zombies have in common? Simple. They are all primary features for various adaptations of Jane Austen’s classic romance, Pride and Prejudice.


Now, I love Pride and Prejudice. I’ve read this book multiple times, in three different languages, and only once was it actually for a class assignment. The rest was all voluntary. I’ve re-watched the six hour TV mini-series version with the delectable Colin Firth more times than I can count, and I’ve even been known to turn on the less superior Keira Knightley version a time or two throughout the years. But something I haven’t done yet is indulge in reading a Pride and Prejudice adaptation.


On the one hand, I’m definitely intrigued. Who doesn’t want more Lizzy and Darcy? And some of these plot lines sound pretty interesting! A murder mystery at Pemberley perhaps? Hearing things from Darcy’s perspective? Or how about looking at the flip side by focusing on the servants of Longbourn? Honestly, doesn’t sound half bad!

But then on the other hand. We’re talking Pride and Prejudice here!! To continue the story of Lizzy and Darcy without the words of Jane Austen behind it almost seems blasphemous! Oh, and did I mention the one with the zombies? Yes, I know I did, but seriously, it’s worth repeating. There’s something I never thought I’d see incorporated into such a classic tale. Honestly, not quite sure I can go that far.

I mean, what’s next? A sequel to Gone with the Wind not written by Margaret Mitchell? Oh wait…that…yeah that already happened. Honestly, it wasn’t the worst thing ever.


But here’s the thing. While I’ve been tempted to read some of the Pride and Prejudice adaptations listed above, as well as the countless others that are out there, I have not yet taken the plunge. I’m still too hesitant to step into that world when the original seems so untouchable. So how about all of you? Have any of you attempted one of these reads, and if so how did it go? Are there any good ones you’d recommend, or is it better to just take the time to read the classic all over again? Let me know!


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