Review Policy

First off, my name is Lauren. Hiya!

If you are an author/publisher, I strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with my reviewing style and read over my preferences before submitting a review request. Seeing as my blog title is “Romance Novels for the Beach”, please note that all requests should be of books which have romance in them. Sex doesn’t necessarily equal romance.

My preferred format is an epub or mobi copy I can put on my Kindle, or an audiobook. It will probably take me longer to review a print copy. The order in which I review books is at my discretion, but I will try and take into account a book’s release date. For my review I will be sure to include the synopsis included on Amazon.

Please note I will read every book to completion, and write an honest review based on the entire novel. If I love it, you’ll know it. If I hate it, you’ll know it. For some examples, click here and here.

Preferred Genres and Topics

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Military Romance
  • Chick-lit
  • Mystery Component
  • Alpha Males in the Bedroom
  • Best friends falling in love
  • Dirty Talk
  • Descriptive sex scenes
  • Strong Female Characters
  • Prefer that main characters get together at some point before 50% of the way through the book
  • Happy Endings

Not Really My Cup of Tea (Consult Before Sending)

  • BDSM
  • Young Adult
  • Horror/Thriller
  • Love Triangles and/or cheating
  • Cliffhangers
  • Multiple scenes of descriptive rape, abuse, and/or incest
  • Flawed main characters with little to no redeeming qualities
  • Alpha Males outside of the bedroom, bordering on mental or physical abuse
  • Passive Female Characters
  • If a main character refers to him/herself as a sociopath at any point, my review will probably be negative

My Rating System

I am happy to accept review requests, but be prepared that I will give my 100% honest opinion. Please only send me a book if you think I’ll actually like it, or (more importantly) are willing to live with it if I don’t.

I try to inject humor into the majority of my posts, so you will likely encounter sarcasm and pictures/GIFs in my reviews (found on Google images). Sarcasm is almost always woven into my reviews, but please do not view it as a personal attack against an author. My main complaints will almost always be directed at the characters within the book, but I will make note if I find the story to be slow-moving, if the writing was confusing, or if there is poor grammar.

Whether I liked a book or not, I will always include a link where readers can purchase the book on Amazon. Although I post positive and negative reviews on my blog, I will never post a negative review to Amazon or Goodreads. If, after all of that, you would like me to review a book, feel free to send me a copy at romance4thebeach [at] gmail [dot] com. Please note there are currently 29 review requests ahead of you.