In His Corner by Vina Arno

Stand back people! We have an alpha male boxer with feelings over here! Sensitive feelings!!

What’s it About? 

in his corner.jpg

No sex for almost a year could kill a guy, but when you’re the boxer known as the Juggernaut, it’s the price you pay for turning pro. Tommy’s fully dedicated to his craft, until he meets the incredibly gorgeous Dr. Siena Carr. Now he’s looking forward to taking on this prim and proper lady in a wet and wild work-out…

Siena has seen many patients come through the ER, but none as sexy as Tommy Raines. With a nasty cut over his eye, she knows he needs stitches, but after he takes off his shirt, she needs some air. With rock-hard abs and taut biceps, it’s clear this man takes care of his body. And all Siena can think about is letting him take care of hers…

First Impressions

Based on the synopsis, and short length of this book, it was easy to make an assumption of where this book would go. Uptight doc meets sexy boxer, and they do some crazy naked sparring beneath the sheets. Boy was I wrong! Although the premise of having a sexual god of a boxer and a straight-laced chica fall in love is a relatively common romance novel plot, I was surprised at how this book also covered a lot of real-life relationship issues that many of us can probably relate to. Yes, our characters are the perfect match in the sack, but they also connect emotionally, argue whenever their vastly different lifestyles get in the way, but they also fight to make it work.


The First Date

My goodness what an eye opening experience! Tommy and Siena don’t necessarily have the smoothest start to the evening, but they get along and have a definite chemistry. Before you know it he’s fingering her under the table, and she’s having an extremely intense orgasm in about a minute. At first, you think, “Oh yeah, that was sexy as hell!”.


But then we see Sienna think about the reality of what just happened between them. She feels ashamed, dirty, and like a “slut”. She’s never done anything like that before, let alone on a first date, so she pulls away from Tommy without really any explanation. I just found it so interesting that the author takes what is seemingly a hot and sexy romance novel go-to scene, and turns it on its head to look at it from a different perspective.


Hands down the most fascinating part of this novel was reading the inner thoughts behind both characters regarding change. Siena wears Chanel. Tommy wears hoodies and cargo pants. She eats portobello paninis and drinks soba tea, whereas he eats grilled cheese sandwiches and drinks Blue Moon. At first, we see how Siena wants Tommy to dress nicer, eat better, listen to Verdi, etc. and Tommy makes these changes with seemingly little push-back. But when Siena refuses to watch him fight because of the violence involved, he reaches his breaking point, and yells at her for avoiding the reality of who he truly is and trying to change him.


Only then do we see her side of everything, and how these changes were only meant to be suggestions. She never went out with the intention to change him. We discover that she too has made small changes to be with him. Both realize that they’ve made compromises to please the other, but they wouldn’t want to change all their inherent quirks, because it’s what they each love about the other. I just love that this novel managed to have these deep discussions in only 139 pages!

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: A wonderfully quick read of a stand-alone.

Should you read it? Yes! It’s an interesting look at making compromises in a relationship, and how opposites can in fact attract. I wasn’t too thrilled with how many times Tommy thought Siena was a “prude” or a “snob”, but Siena was also far from perfect in her avoidance of talking things out with Tommy. We all have our problems!

Smut Level: Siena has the tendency to bite Tommy every time she has an orgasm. Every…single…time. Phew!

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $0.99 Kindle Price. Lyrical Press. 139 Pages.

Until Jax by Aurora Rose Reynolds

This book was so freaking good! A sweet, sexy and suspenseful read.

What’s it About? 

until jax

Ellie Anthony isn’t looking for love. She isn’t even looking for a man, but when Jax Mayson insists on keeping her and her daughter safe, she’s left with no choice but to trust him. Now she just hopes she doesn’t get hurt when she falls hard for a guy who’s known for breaking hearts. Jax Mayson knows that Ellie is his BOOM the moment he sees her. When he finds out she has a daughter, he realizes he wants a family, and he will do whatever is necessary to keep both of his girls safe, even if that means facing the demons from his past.

First Impressions

Although this is technically the first novel in the spinoff Until Him series, I would highly recommend you read Until July first. There is some important carry over from the plot of that novel, and it sort of picks up where the other one left off. I even had to go back and remind myself as to what happened at the end of Until July to remember who was who. If I hadn’t previously read the other novel, I honestly think I would have been a little lost.

The Boom

Ellie is Jax’s BOOM, which is sort of a thing in the Mayson family clan. He’s 100% smitten over both Ellie, as well as her daughter. What Jax doesn’t realize at first is that Ellie’s daughter is actually the child of her brother who died in a car accident. Ellie is in fact a virgin.


So what does it mean to be the BOOM of a male Mayson? Basically, Jax is all kind of alpha caveman when it comes to Ellie. That being said, he actually manages to take things somewhat slow with Ellie sexually. He doesn’t de-flower her until well into the book, but he’s definitely claimed her for his own. I love me some alpha male, although caveman alphas can sometimes be too much for me. However, Jax manages to be so unbelievably sweet with Ellie’s daughter that you can’t help but love the guy.


The Mayson Trademark

There is some added drama to the story-line, as Jax has a psycho ex-girlfriend. He is a Mayson after all. The majority of the novel fixates on the blossoming romance between Jax and Ellie, but just when you think all is well and good, some major shit hits the fan. I’m telling ya, it’s like a trademark for any book related to the Until series. Something has to go wrong at some point!

Series: Until Him, book 1. This book sort of goes hand-in-hand with the Until Her series, whose first book is Until July. Both of these are spin-offs from the original Until series that focuses on the parents of the characters presented in these later books. Might seem a bit confusing, but all of them are great reads with sexy alpha males!

until novemberuntil julyuntil jax

Should you read it? I would say it’s a good one to pick up if you’re looking for an alpha male with a tender side. And who doesn’t like one of those?

Smut Level: Ellie spends most of the book as a virgin, but she knows, hell we all know, that it’s only a matter of time before she and Jax do the dirty.

Get it on Amazon: Click here. $3.99 Kindle Price. Self-Published. 282 Pages.

Redemption Road by Katie Ashley

After I finished listening to the final book in the Outlander series, I was really looking forward to listening to something new on my walk to work. You could say there was an extra spring in my step that morning! Redemption Road begins with Rev being drugged and raped as a young adolescent, followed by Annabel being kidnapped, gang raped and sold as a sex slave to a Mexican human trafficker. Probably one of the more depressing walks to work I’ve ever had.

What’s it About? 

redemption road

Looking for a walk on the wild side, Annabel Percy, the daughter of a powerful politician, gives in to an attraction to a sexy biker she meets one night. But she finds herself living a nightmare when she’s kidnapped and transported into a hell on earth she never could have imagined. Born and bred into the Hells Raiders MC, Nathaniel “Reverend” Malloy lives and dies for his brothers. But when he becomes the unexpected savior of a rival club’s captive, Rev makes it his personal mission to nurse Annabel back to health—and to shelter her from the nightmares that torment her. Once Annabel heals, she’s stunned to realize she is falling for the seductive man who saved her. Faced with their impossible attraction, can she accept the life he leads, or will Rev walk away from the only life he’s ever known for the woman he was never supposed to love?

First Impressions

This book obviously deals with some extremely sensitive topics, and they are described in enough graphic detail that it can be very difficult to read/listen to at times. Let’s just say the author doesn’t sugarcoat the harsh reality of Annabel’s capture, or her heart-breaking suicide attempt after being rescued. However, I must say I think this was a very important aspect of the novel which added a sense of realness to the story. It might not have been the happiest of reads, even though you can predict the eventual romantic relationship between Rev and Annabel, but I think the author did an amazing job of bringing their mutual hardships to the forefront. It showed that life can in fact be ugly and gruesome, but we’re able to see through Annabel’s initial friendship with Rev that things can get better, even though it seems impossible at the time.


Guilty Flirtation

After Rev rescues Annabel from her hellish prison, it seems at first that the two of them would quickly jump into bed due to their obvious attraction and mutual flirtation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sex in romance novels, but I definitely questioned how wise this move would be considering how much Annabel had just been through. But I must say, the author addresses this topic superbly through a conversation between Rev and Annabel.


Following the dramatic rescue, Annabel and Rev drive back to the United States, which means a lot of alone time together in the car and various hotel rooms. Annabel finds she can trust Rev after he confesses the details of his own rape. She starts to relax with him, and the two even start to flirt with each other. This quickly turns Annabel’s sense of happiness to guilt. She thinks something must be wrong with her to openly flirt with a man after all she’d been through. Rev shares his personal experiences of moving on after his own traumatic experience, and convinces her that there’s no reason to feel guilty. It’s simply a part of her old self trying to break through.



Oh my, getting a little emotional over here! I must say I was very impressed that the author didn’t shy away from tackling such a difficult discussion. She easily could have had these two characters try and find solace through sex, and brush aside Annabel’s rape as though it never happened. Instead, they actually have these discussions about what life is like after their rape, and find comfort in sharing their own thoughts and emotions about what happened to them. After that, you can’t help but root for Rev and Annabel to eventually find happiness and love with each other.


A Slow Blossom

The blossoming romance between Rev and Annabel does take some time to fully develop as he helps her learn to live life again after such a harrowing ordeal. Once they do start to feel something more for each other, Rev thinks she’s experiencing some kind of reverse Stockholm Syndrome, and doesn’t want to take advantage of her feelings if she’s just falling for her knight in shining armor. On the other hand, Annabel knows her feelings of love are true, and has to convince Rev that he’s good enough for her considering she comes from a wealthy background. She explains that their shared traumas bring them closer together than any societal differences may have pushed them apart.


It does take them a while to finally have sex, but in my opinion the wait was absolutely necessary. If they’d had sex too soon after Annabel’s rescue, I think it would have seemed a bit rushed, as well as unrealistic to overcome all of the physical and mental atrocities which befell her so quickly. By waiting, Rev and Annabel are able to connect as friends before becoming lovers, which makes their eventual coupling so much more meaningful.

Last Minute Climax

We do get a few mentions here and there throughout the book that Annabel’s captor, Mendoza, is coming after her with the intention to kill both her and the scum biker who dared to steal away what belonged to him. It isn’t until the absolute very end of the novel that he finally makes his grand reappearance, and I must say it was kind of a let down. The climax was pretty much over as soon as it began. All of these characters have already been through so much, and the return of Mendoza almost seemed like an unnecessary after thought.

*A copy of this audiobook was provided by Recorded Books for an honest review*

Series: Vicious Cycle, book 2. Each book focuses on a different couple, but you need to read them in order.

Should you read it? This book dealt with much more sensitive topics than the first book in the series, and could have triggers for some people. I don’t think the narration was the best, but the writing was pretty great. It felt like two people were actually telling you their story of survival.

Smut Level: These two definitely bring out the best in each other, including their naughty sex kitten vibes.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $5.99 Kindle Price. Signet Publishing. 338 Pages.

My Dirty Detour by Grace Risata

Technically, the full title of this novel is My Dirty Detour: An Alpha Male Mafia Comedy Romance. Kind of a mouthful. I guess I’ve just never been a huge fan of titles with a colon.

What’s it About?

my dirty detour

A dominant leader flees the mafia, looking for a fresh start in a small town. He put all his effort into starting a business and resigned himself to a life without love. A neurotic germaphobe lives vicariously through the books she reads, preferring to play it safe in real life and hide behind her sarcastic remarks. One fateful day, the simple act of taking a wrong turn leads Violet right into Rocky’s life and completely turns it upside down. Accustomed to his orders being obeyed immediately and without question, Rocky doesn’t appreciate Violet challenging his authority at every opportunity.

Violet charmed her way into his heart with her quick wit and stubbornness, causing Rocky to fail at his many attempts to resist her. Rocky tries to keep his violent past hidden from Violet, but it suddenly catches up to him and he can no longer deny who he really is. Will Rocky turn his back on the life he built or stay and fight for what’s his? When Violet is faced with situations that rival anything she’s merely read about, will she be able to face her fears and work together with Rocky or will the truth tear them apart? Follow the journey of Rocky and Violet as they take a dirty detour…

First Impressions

I must say I really did get a kick out of the first half of his novel. While driving around after running an errand, Violet stumbles upon a brewery with a rather intimidating proprietor. In spite of his rather off-putting demeanor, Violet agrees to work nights at his brewery in exchange for self-defense lessons. Sure, it’s a bit outlandish, but it still has its light-hearted and comedic moments that will bring a smile to your face. Not to mention a blossoming romance with a quintessential bad boy that will have you fanning your face. I loved the fact that Violet speaks her mind and has some interesting quirks on top of everything. When Rocky finally gives in to his feelings for her, Violet has to adjust to a new relationship unlike any she’s ever had before: one with a pure alpha male. Do you see why I enjoyed the first half so much?!


Second Half

Unfortunately, the second half of the book wasn’t my fav, as it deviated from so much of what I liked about the first half. The light-hearted comedy is still there at times, but now it’s mixed with the drama of Rocky’s mafia past. What bothered me most about this part of the novel was that everything that Rocky and his friends once found endearing about Violet now appears to annoy them, from her sarcastic wit to her multitude of questions. It seemed like Rocky told her to be quiet more often than he said anything nice towards her. I felt like by constantly telling Violet to shush, he was acting just like her ex-husband by repressing what made her so unique and lovable.


They also sort of treated Violet like an idiot every time she expressed confusion over the delicate intricacies of mafia protocol and hierarchy. Seems a bit harsh! After all, Rocky and his friends had all kept the details of their mafia past hidden from Violet, and she was thrown into this world after knowing them for only a matter of weeks. How is she magically supposed to know how to act and, more importantly, what not to say in front of a mafia don?  I personally don’t know if I could have put up with all that, even if Rocky was an apparent sex-god in the sack.


Putting Up with so Much

Violet is introduced to Rocky’s past mafia link when his crazy ex-girlfriend, Ursula, comes to town with her posse in tow. He hasn’t seen her in over two years, yet Ursula immediately throws down a challenge to fight Violet. I’m talkin’ hand-to-hand combat here. Which is kind of like…what?


Seeing as Rocky never actually provided Violet with those self-defense lessons she was working nights for, he decides to take her place and fight Ursula’s brother instead. Um, ok? I remember at one point towards the end of the novel Violet said that Rocky is really the only one who could get her out of this precarious situation alive. I couldn’t help but question if that was the main reason she put up with so much of the drama from Rocky’s turbulent lifestyle instead of just saying “See ya later buddy!”. Again, they’ve only known each other for 3 weeks. Might have a happily ever after, but I wonder if it will last forever.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Nope, stand-alone with no cliffhangers.

Should you read it? I was definitely more of a fan of the first half of the book, from the plot itself to the actions of the characters. That being said, it has its funny moments, mixed with a bit of drama, mafia connections, an ex-girlfriend you’ll wanna slap, and an alpha male you’ll wanna…well, use your imagination 😉

Smut Level: Thankfully, the nooky mainly takes place during the first half of the book, and it’s pretty saucy. He may be an alpha male, but Violet can also take the reins and play dominatrix when the situation calls for it.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $0.99 Kindle Price. Amazon Digital Services LLC. 323 Pages.

Under the Covers by Rebecca Zanetti

The first book in this series was called Against the Wall. Which makes sense. They did it against the wall. This one is called Under the Covers, but I can’t say for sure that our lovebirds actually ever had sex under the covers. They do it on the porch, the dining room table, against his truck in the rain, etc. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

What’s it About? 


The small Montana town near the Kooskia reserve seemed like the perfect place for Juliet Montgomery to hide from her not-so-law-abiding family. But when her peace is shattered by a break-in and threatening phone calls, it’s clear someone back in New York knows where she is. It’s time to plan her getaway, and fast—but first, she needs to tie up a few loose ends. Namely, finding out exactly what the town’s sexy cowboy sheriff is hiding in his holster…

Sheriff Quinn Lodge has enough demons of his own to know when someone’s hiding something. Clearly, he needs to do a thorough investigation to uncover what’s beneath Juliet’s uptight, city-girl exterior—preferably one piece of clothing at a time. But when their chemistry goes from fizzy to full-on explosive, things start getting complicated. How can Juliet stay beneath the covers with Quinn, when doing so means blowing her cover?

First Impressions

This book was even steamier than the first one! As Sheriff, Quinn has a commanding presence, strong muscles, and isn’t afraid to give orders, both in and out of the bedroom. He also has a pair of handcuffs that he can use at a moment’s notice if he wanted to. The passion between Juliet and Quinn is literally bursting at the seams. Or maybe that’s just a special weapon that Quinn keeps hidden in his pants. That’s right, I made a penis joke.


Similarities and Differences

I love that we get to see some of the same characters from book one, including the kooky townsfolk who aren’t afraid to “interfere” in bringing our couple together. The concept of living in a small town where you know just about everybody can be such a charming concept at first, but this book shows you the comedic ramifications to that small town feel.


Although we are presented with many of the same characters from the first novel, the story line is very distinct. I really did enjoy this book, but I think I liked the dramatic aspect from the first book better. Call me crazy, but I felt it was more believable to have a possible golf course threaten the peace and serenity of this small town in book 1, rather than Juliet being on the run from her mob family in book 2.

Series: Maverick Montana, book 2. This is the kind of series where technically you don’t have to read them in order, but I think you’ll connect more with the characters if you do.

Should you read it? I’m finding myself mildly addicted to this series. And by “mildly addicted” of course I mean I’m considering reading this on my computer at work.

Smut Level: Quinn is a full on alpha male. He’s nothing but truthful when he tells Juliet that he’ll have her begging for it, and that she’ll like every minute of it. Heaven’s to Betsy!

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Entangled: Brazen. 218 Pages.

Against the Wall by Rebecca Zanetti

Oh yeah! They do it against the wall…twice.

What’s it About?


Surveying the proposed site for a high-end golf course should have been a breeze for spunky landscape architect Sophie Smith. But when this born-and-bred city girl is literally swept off her feet by a sexy cowboy on horseback, she realizes country life has some serious (and seriously steamy) possibilities. That is, until she finds out exactly who her smoking hot wrangler really is.

Tribal lawyer Jake Lodge is desperately trying to block the development. And if that means playing hardball, so be it. But Sophie is a distraction he didn’t expect. A distraction that makes his blood burn. Two different worlds. Two opposing sides. And when they finally give into temptation, the consequences will shake the foundations of both of their lives…

First Impressions

Sophie is out in the forest making notes for her golf course design when she first meets Jake. He literally sweeps her off her feet onto his horse. Yes sir, I’d ride that cowboy! The tension between Sophie and Jake is positively mesmerizing, and not just the sexual tension (which is pretty freakin’ phenomenal). There is also a large amount of tension surrounding the affect her golf course design will have on the local community, and Jake is the lawyer representing the interests of the local Native American Indian tribe. This sets up the scenario for some heated arguments which lead to some more heated interactions between the two.


Points Off

Overall I absolutely loved this book, but it gets two demerit points:

1) At one point in the story, Jake and Sophie are getting to know each other by taking their clothes off and getting intimate on his backyard porch dining table. It starts to rain and they go inside to finish things up. Come on! It’s a sin to deprive the readers of some sex in the rain!!

sex in rain

2) Jake has a daughter. Hear me out! It’s not that he has a daughter that bothers me, but rather that she’s barely featured at all throughout the novel! I think she’s only in like 3 scenes total, and has 2 brief conversations with Sophie. This was such a disappointment because she was actually an adorable little character, and I wanted to see more!

Series: Maverick Montana, book 1. I am so gonna read the next one. Can’t wait to read about Jake’s hunky brothers!

Should you read it? Absolutely! It’s a great contemporary romance with a fabulous sexual connection between Jake and Sophie, not to mention an interesting plot on how their respective jobs could be a detriment to their new-found relationship. Also, Jake looks amazing in both a suit, or riding on a horse. Mmmmm.

Smut Level: In addition to up against the wall, these two find some interesting locales to do the deed. The shower, a garden bench, the front porch. Jake likes to take control and set the pace. Aaaaahhhhh.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Entangled: Brazen. 230 Pages.

Cowboy throwing lasso

Charm Me by Tena Stetler

Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are about a month away from Valentine’s Day, so let’s start getting in the romantic mood with a short novella from the Candy Hearts Romance series!

What’s it About? 


Summer Dawn Riley’s an extraordinary elemental witch whose troubled past haunts her. She’s created a calm life for herself teaching yoga and keeping people at a distance. Her life takes a one eighty degree turn when she enrolls in a woman’s weapon’s class and meets ruggedly handsome Devlin Sawyer. Devlin, a former Navy Seal, has sworn off women after two long-term failed relationships, but there is no denying his attraction to Summer. She intrigues him like no other woman ever has. Despite her attempts to ignore him, Summer is drawn to Devlin. His magic signature is strong, but he’s no warlock. Will Valentine’s Day magic find them a future together?

First Impressions

You guys! After reading this novella I might actually have to stop saying that paranormal romances aren’t my cup of tea. For some reason I’m always surprised when I come across a paranormal romance that I like, so the fact that I loved this romance was kind of a shock to my system. But you simply can’t help but be drawn in by the simmering electricity between Devlin and Summer. And I’m talking literal electricity here. Romance characters always talk about feeling a spark of passion with their love interest, but in this instance our lovebirds can actually see the sparks between them.


Magical Chemistry

Although Devlin is only technically a half-werewolf who can’t shift into his animal form, he is the prime example of a strong alpha male with strong alpha male desires. These two definitely have chemistry, and the couch seems to be their preferred location to explore/explode their passions for each other around Valentine’s Day weekend.


In addition to the simmering romance between Devlin and Summer, there is another dramatic story-line taking place on the sidelines. Summer is wary to use her magical powers after a rather unpleasant incident involving her brother’s vampire girlfriend. As a result of this unfortunate incident, Summer has a strained relationship with her family. I absolutely loved reading about the sexual couch explorations of Devlin and Summer, but I wish we could have explored this side story just a bit more to fully understand what happened with this treacherous vampire, and how it influenced Summer’s relationship with her fellow witches.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: A Candy Hearts Romance. I’ll be featuring a few more novellas from this series between now and Valentine’s Day. Each one revolves around the holiday of love, and features a protagonist who loves candy hearts.

Should you read it? It’s a cute, short, romantic novella to read before February 14th. Just be sure to have a box of candy hearts on hand when you read it! We also have an adorable dog in here too!

Smut Level: Devlin becomes so enthralled with their love-making that his eyes glow golden. He also cooks! Tiramisu!! So he just might be the perfect book boyfriend.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $1.99 Kindle version. The Wild Rose Press, Inc. 65 pages.

Until July by Aurora Rose Reynolds

We’ve got a leather-wearing biker bad boy who used to be in the military. Can you really get more alpha than that?

What’s it About? july

Wes Silver wasn’t looking for love, but when July Mayson literally knocks him on his ass during their first encounter, his world is turned upside down by the quirky blonde, and every moment with her makes him more determined to protect her. July Mayson doesn’t understand the pull she feels toward the bad boy biker Wes Silver, but she knows being with him is like nothing she’s ever felt before. Now all she has to do is tell her overprotective father, Asher Mayson, that she’s found her boom.

First Impressions

July first meets Wes whilst riding on her motorbike. She then proceeds to call him a jack ass before using her taser on him. Ah, isn’t that how all the great love stories begin?


This series is a spinoff of the Until series by the same author, but instead follows the children of the characters from the first books. I was so unbelievably excited for this book to come out, and it wasn’t half bad. I will say there are a LOT of characters in this book, considering that the original Mayson clan procreated like crazy. This made it a little confusing to designate who was who, and I really think that a family tree in these kinds of series would be extremely helpful. That being said, it was a lot of fun to see the characters from the original series again, not to mention that you can see how the story lines are being built between all of the characters for future books.

The Alpha Male

The Until series was packed full of alpha males, and it looks like that theme is continuing into this series as well. However, Wes was almost too controlling at times. Basically, whenever July would try to speak her mind about how their relationship was moving too fast he would call her a pain in the ass. Listen here duck monkey, being an alpha is fine in the bedroom and all, but don’t be a controlling dick when you’re outside of it. Speaking of the bedroom, Wes may not have written the book on dirty-talk, but he was definitely a co-author. He’s got a naughty mouth, and my goodness does she like it.


A Little Fact Checking

There was some intrigue in this novel surrounding a biker bar, and Wes tries his damnedest to keep July in the dark about it. However, in doing so we too are left in the dark, so I felt like that story line wasn’t really explained completely. All we really know is that there are some bad people doing bad things, and Wes and his biker bros are helping out. Maybe a chapter where we follow his character into this hellish biker bar to find out what’s what would have been helpful. There were also a few grammar issues. I get it people! The difference between your and you’re is confusing. And then when you throw there and their into the mix, well it’s just like somebody created words with 2 different meanings!

As for my last point, I’m kind of embarrassed that I know this, but it just demonstrates that a little fact checking can go a long way. Towards the end of the book, July and her friend pretend they are going to the premier of Fifty Shades of Grey, when in reality they want to do some sleuthing to follow Wes and his bros. Considering that all men are under the impression that their penis will shrivel up and die should they see that movie, he lets them go, and they are able to sneak away from the theater because their designated bodyguard refused to see the movie with them. However! I sadly recall that Fifty Shades of Grey premiered on Valentine’s Day, and I am 100% positive there is no way in hell that Wes would’ve allowed July to spend that day separated from him, so I know they didn’t actually go to see this during the premier in February! Again, it’s not like the plot fell apart because of this error, but fact checking is important.


Series: Until Her, book 1

Should you read it? You really need to love your alpha males if you’re gonna read this one. I’ll admit that I love a good alpha, but even I wanted to slap Wes at times for being too damn controlling.

Smut Level: They do all manner of dirty things, including a spanking session in her veterinary office. It kind of makes ya think what really happens behind closed doors at those places.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $3.99 Kindle Price. Self-Published. 238 Pages.

Meant to Be by Laramie Briscoe

The narrator of this audio book reminded me of a mix between Dr. Phil and that informative talking DNA strand from the original Jurassic Park film. While he was relating the amorous exploits of our lead characters, I kept expecting him to switch gears and talk about dinosaurs.

What’s it About? 

meant to be

Single mother. Laid off factory worker. Drug runner for the Heaven Hill Motorcycle Club. When Denise Cunningham is served with foreclosure papers on her birthday it’s the last straw in a long line of bad luck. Sitting and crying about things has never been how she solved her problems, but this time she decides to do just that. A phone call interrupts her pity party and changes the course of her life forever.

Loyal brother. Grease monkey mechanic. Vice President of the Heaven Hill Motorcycle Club. William Walker Jr., known as Liam to his club, needs a new recruit that is just naïve enough and desperate enough to do what he asks without question. When Denise Cunningham lands in his lap, he decides to hire her – not because he wants to, because he has to. Neither are comfortable in their new roles, but he needs help and she can’t stand to lose anything else. As bullets fly and a local Bowling Green, KY reporter works to bring the club down, Liam and Denise find themselves getting closer to one another. When the stakes get high and outside forces try to keep them away from each other, they have to decide if they really are meant to be.

First Impressions

Obviously, the narration wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Of all the romance novels I’ve ever listened to in audio format, this is the only one I’ve come across with a male narrator. Not too shabby. As for the storyline itself, I must say I’ve never been a huge fan of books featuring motorcycle clubs, as the male leads are almost too alpha for my taste. However, for a biker book, this one was pretty tame as far as the whole “me Tarzan, you Jane” mentality.


Although, something I never understand in these biker gangs is when the guy refers to his woman as his old lady. I know it’s supposed to be respectful, but what 20-year-old woman wants to be referred to as old? And then there’s the whole aspect of having her wear his cut, which declares her as his property. Hell, if I were in that situation I’d be like, “Alright, now what are you gonna wear that proclaims you to be my property?” Sorry, consider that rant to be over.

Motorcycle Club My Ass

I feel like in most romance novels revolving around a motorcycle club, the members of the club are just minding their own business when they are somehow drawn into a kerfuffle with another club/gang. They just want to be free and ride like the wind. This book was a little different. Instead of it focusing on our biker bad boy rescuing his woman from a rival gang, it tells a tale of Liam drawing Denise further into his  world. And it doesn’t necessarily consist of law-abiding citizens.

sonsThese particular bikers are criminals! No other word for it. At the start of the book, they are dealing drugs, and by the end of it they are considering selling guns to a Mexican cartel. They took advantage of Denise’s desperate financial situation to get her to abet them in smuggling drugs, and I personally had difficulty liking them because of that. Sure, they’re all about protecting their own, and Liam treats Denise like she’s his old lady (charming!), but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that the police are after them for a reason.

*This audio book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Heaven Hill, book 1. There are a lot of books in this series.

Should you read it? There were definitely some conflicting emotions revolving around this book. On the one hand, you are really rooting for Denise and Liam to get together, but on the other you don’t really want Denise to be drawn further into this criminal world. Although this book doesn’t necessarily end on a cliffhanger, there are a lot of important questions left unanswered.

Smut Level: There aren’t too many sex scenes, and you have to wait a bit before you get to the good stuff. But the build-up of sexual tension is delicious, and the scenes themselves are pretty steamy.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here for free Kindle version. Click Here for $17.95 Audible version.  Self-published. 255 Pages or 6 hours and 27 minutes.

Beautiful Beloved by Christina Lauren

Having a baby changes everything. I mean, can you believe that Max and Sara haven’t been back to their exhibitionist sex club since the birth of their daughter? Think of the horror!!!

What’s it About? beautiful

In Beautiful Stranger, finance whiz Sara Dillon met the irresistibly sexy Brit, Max Stella, at a New York City club. Through the series we’ve watched them learn to balance commitment with their less than private brand of playfulness. In Beautiful Beloved, Max and Sara take it to the next step. But the question is: Will they be able to find a balance between the wild sexcapades they aren’t ready to retire, and the demands of parenthood that come along with their new Beautiful bundle of joy? Parenthood: it’s not for the weak of heart.

First Impressions

I’m usually not a fan of half-books, or 0.6 books as is the case with this novel. However, when it comes to this series I will read anything and everything the authors want to put out there. I’ve enjoyed every single book in this series, as each one is the perfect blend of comedy, raw sexual magnetism, and characters you can’t help but love. In this book, we see that it can be a slow road for a husband and wife to connect sexually again after having a child. Not that Max and Sara haven’t had sex since their daughter Anna was born, but it just hasn’t been like it was before. It’s not as rough, and they don’t film it anymore. Or take naughty photos. Going back to vanilla sex can be so boring.


Oh the Hilarity

The majority of this novel consists of several failed date nights between Max and Sara, which are unbelievably hilarious. Every time they try and reintroduce some of the kink to their sexual relationship, they get interrupted by a phone call from one of their many babysitters explaining another issue that baby Anna has. I also loved the fact that their numerous babysitters are all characters from the previous novels. We developed such a strong connection with those characters when reading their own respective love stories, that it’s great to see them all again as a tight-knit friend group in this brief half-book.

Friends season 10

Oh the Seriousness

Even though there is a lot of humor throughout this book, there is actually a rather serious discussion taking place about adjusting to parenthood. Max always used to see Sara as his lover, but now he views her as his wife, and the mother of his child. It might not be on purpose, but he can’t help but view her differently. They fervently try to have the exact same sexual relationship as they did before, just to prove that having a baby hasn’t changed them. But they encounter some difficulties when trying to bring back some of their old tricks. For example, they perfectly demonstrate why you should never take dirty pics on your phone. You never know who you might send them to accidentally.

wrong number

However, by the end of the novel they eventually come to the realization that they don’t necessarily have to try so hard to do the same things as before, because their lives are in fact different now. No point in trying to hide it. It doesn’t mean they can’t still have fun though. They’ve always been kind of kinky, but the affect of motherhood on Max’s libido was quite interesting. Let’s just say he discovered a new found appreciation for Sara’s chest area.


Series: Beautiful Bastard, book 3.6. This book introduces us to Max’s brother, Niall, who is the focus of the next book. I can’t wait!

Should you read it? Only if you’ve read the other books in the series, which I recommend if you’re looking for something really hot and sexy. There’s a guaranteed alpha male in every book.

Smut Level: Holy mackerel. Max and Sara are determined to prove that they can still have an amazing sex life after having a baby. Let’s just say they succeed. Many, many times.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $1.99 Kindle Price. Pocket Star Publishing. 102 Pages.