Fever: A Ballroom Romance Book 3 by Tonya Plank

And now for the exciting conclusion of the Fever series! In this last novel Rory is able to overcome her anorexia, and Sasha finally learns how to be a proper partner to Rory. What other difficulties could they possibly encounter? Let’s throw in a kidnapping!

What’s it About? fever 3

Sasha and Rory are working superbly well together, their fiery passions for each other blazing both on and off the dance floor as they compete at Blackpool, the world’s most prestigious ballroom championship. But Rory suspects Sasha’s jealous former partner and his student are conspiring to sabotage them. And her increasing fears that Sasha’s mysterious past, which has so intrigued and captivated her, holds something sinister, become a life-threatening reality.

First Impressions

The major focus of this novel is Rory and Sasha training for the ultimate dancing competition at Blackpool, but at one point Rory is briefly kidnapped by unknown assailants before being returned to Sasha. He seems to know why Rory was taken, but says he’ll explain everything after the competition. Um…like hell you will!


Overall I really enjoyed this book, but I honestly could have done without the whole kidnapping aspect, as well as the storyline behind it all. It seemed like unnecessary drama to me, but more importantly it also took away from what the entire series has been building towards: Blackpool. The end of the novel sees our main characters competing in Blackpool, but also the return of the kidnapping aspect, which was just too much story to cram into the last few chapters. It sort of made the ending seem rushed.

Oh the Dancing

This book has even more naked dancing than the last one, and this time Sasha partakes by removing his own clothing as well. Oh my. That seems sexy as hell, especially if you throw a samba roll in there, but does anybody else feel like it’s also a safety hazard? There would be so many appendages out in the open, flopping around all over the place.


As part of the Blackpool competition, Sasha and Rory prepare 5 different routines that they dance multiple times throughout the novel, as well as during the competition itself. I would personally love if there was a video accompaniment to this series where you could watch professional dancers perform the 5 routines. Having no dance background myself, I think it would have helped to truly envision what Sasha and Rory were working towards.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: A Ballroom Romance, book 3. Looking back on the entire series, I would say that book 2 was probably my favorite.

Should you read it? Yeah! As a whole this is a series that will make you want to go out there and take some ballroom dance classes of your own! Ugh, but lessons are so expensive, and Blackpool sounds like a physically draining competition just reading about it! I guess I’ll just stay in my apartment and have some more Thai food.

Smut Level: Naked dancing here people. Naked…dancing.

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Fever: A Ballroom Romance Book 2 by Tonya Plank

Hot damn! In book 1 these two characters barely spoke to each other. In this one…well let’s just say they get a bit more intimate. His rumba gets to know her cha-cha. They have sex!

What’s it About? fever

With her law career becoming more nerve-wracking by the day, Rory must decide once and for all whether to leave it for her true twin passions – dance and her partner, Sasha. As she and Sasha begin to train for the largest competition in the world, Blackpool, their partnership, and their very lives, are threatened by Rory’s returning anorexia that had haunted her as a child ballet dancer, one of Sasha’s jealous and vengeful former students, and, most seriously, demons from Sasha’s past.

First Impressions

The intensity level in this story has increased about ten-fold from the first book, and in a variety of aspects. Rory’s job is becoming even more stressful, not to mention her training with Sasha for Blackpool, and the passion between her and Sasha has gone up another notch as well. While book 1 intrigues you, this one draws you in and doesn’t really let you go. Overall, a vast improvement from the previous novel, especially in regards to the relationship between Sasha and Rory. They take full advantage of their flexibility in the bedroom as well as on the dance floor.


Sasha: the Good and the Bad

These two have some incredibly sexy scenes together. From dancing naked to a bathtub scene involving bubbles and champagne, the detail used to describe each scene will have you reaching for a glass of ice water. This book also has one of the hottest build-ups to sex I’ve ever come across. It starts off with some foreplay on the dance floor including tantalizingly close hip movements, a blindfold, and a tremendous amount of neck and earlobe nibbling. Sasha is apparently a master of movement and seduction.

naked dancing

That’s the good part of Sasha. The bad part is that he can also be an unbelievably frustrating character at times. He’s controlling, demanding, and has a short temper when it comes to dancing. I certainly wouldn’t have the patience for it, and I sometimes questioned why Rory was putting up with it at all. But then he’d do another hip roll, and I’d be like, “Ah, I get it.”


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: A Ballroom Romance, book 2. Can’t wait to see how everything comes together in the final book!

Should you read it? Yes, but just be sure you have about a gallon of ice water in the vicinity when you read it, because this book is hot, hot, hot! Just be forewarned that you’ll probably have the urge to yell at Sasha a few times.

Smut Level: Nothing like a bubble bath for two to relax the muscles after dancing. And prepare for some other amorous activities.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Dark Swan Press. 284 Pages.