Beautiful by Christina Lauren

Going on a wine tour road trip with good friends, and a hottie tottie to roll around in the sheets with all night long? Yeah, um, where exactly do I sign up for one of those?

What’s it About?


After walking in on her boyfriend shagging another girl in their place, Pippa Bay Cox ditches London for the States to go on a drunken road trip with Ruby Miller and some of her Beautiful friends.

Scaling the career ladder is the default way to deal with heartbreak—and to just deal—for Jensen Bergstrom. Absolutely buried by his drive and workload, he rarely takes time for himself. But when his sister Hanna convinces him to join the gang on a two-week wine tour, he has a rare moment of cutting loose. Of course, it’s only once he’s committed that he realizes the strange girl he met briefly on the plane is coming along, too. She might be too much for him…or he might realize his life has become too small and needs her to make it bigger, crazier.

With this circle of friends there’s always something going on: from Chloe and Sara’s unexpected personality swaps to Will’s new domestic side to Bennett’s text message barrage and George’s own happily-ever-after. In short, their adventures in love, friendship, and hilarity are nothing short of Beautiful.

First Impressions

At first, the idea of playing fifth wheel to a bunch of couples going on a romantic wine tour seems like it would kind of suck. Especially considering there’s only one other single person going along, and our main female lead sort of made a huge fool of herself in front of him on an eight hour plane ride across the ocean by getting drunk and lamenting over a recent breakup. However, Jensen is a handsome muscled man in desperate need of a vacation, and Pippa is more than willing to help him relax. During the day anyway. At night? They engage in some intense workout sessions.


Opposites Attract

Pippa and Jensen are total opposites. She’s colorful, carefree and not afraid to speak her mind. Jensen is a straight-laced, button-up workaholic, and he really needs someone like Pippa to help him open up. We’re all familiar with the phrase “opposites attract”, and in this novel it’s definitely true in the physical sense. And although Pippa helps Jensen relax during their two week road trip, I’m not sure that was long enough for Jensen to have a real impact on Pippa. In addition, Jensen sort of reverts to his old ways once the trip is over. I’d like to think they’ll be forever, but in the same vein their time together was so short, and they were both sort of acting as rebounds for the other. Sure, it’s fiction, but I can’t say I’m totally convinced it would last.


Friends, Old and New

I must say I absolutely loved Pippa’s live and let live attitude. Jealous of it really! The bravery to make a fool of yourself in front of others, sing terrible karaoke at the top of one’s lungs, yet still be able to brush it off and move on? Inspirational! You can tell Jensen has trouble at first dealing with someone like her, but after a while it comes to be something he loves most about her.


Although I can’t say this couple was my favorite ever in the Beautiful Bastard series, I can’t begin to describe my utter delight at the fact that we get to see all of the couples from the previous novels come together for this final book. Add in the beauty that each one gets their own happily ever after epilogue, including George, and I’m practically bouncing with glee. That being said, considering this is also the last novel in the Beautiful series, and I’m on the verge of tears here! I might just have to start re-reading this series from the start!

Series: Beautiful Bastard, book 5.

Should you read it? An unbelievably sexy series. Not my fav book in the series, or my fav couple for that matter, but it’s a good read overall. It’s about taking chances, doing things outside your comfort zone, yet still remaining true to who you are.

Smut Level: Considering all that this series is, I was kind of hoping for more in terms of smut. I sort of feel like Jensen has a secret naughty side to him, but unfortunately we don’t really get to see it all come out to play.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $7.99 Kindle Price. Gallery Books. 416 Pages.




Beautiful Boss by Christina Lauren

These two might use a blindfold to ensure the groom doesn’t see the bride the night before their wedding, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t do a little bump and grind.

What’s it About?


One Player tamed. One nerd girl satisfied. And one more major life decision to make. When Will fell for Hanna, her quirky sense of humor and fierce dedication to her career were part of the attraction. (Not to mention her coy newbie attitude toward sex and her willingness to let him teach her everything.) But when the job offers start rolling in for her—and oh, they do—Hanna has trouble deciding what she wants, where they should live, and how much she should burden Will with the decision. Magic between the sheets is only one part of a relationship…getting on the same page is quite another altogether.

First Impressions

Some of you may remember that I’ve previously mentioned how I never, ever, under any circumstances read half-books. There are so many other books on my TBR list, who has the time for a half-book?! This series is my one exception. I’ll read anything and everything that they’ll give me! The reason that this series is an exception to the rule is because all of the half-books are short, quick reads that are full of comedy and delectable sex scenes. It’s practically a guarantee to be thoroughly entertained in the short amount of time it takes you to read one.


Romance Between Nerds

Will and Hanna. Our couple of nerds, and probably my favorite couple of the series. In this half-book we get to witness the joy of their wedding night. But the best part of this story is that we also get to see what happens after their happy day is all over, and life returns to normal.


As Hanna goes on job interviews all over the country, and our couple contemplates how this could impact their living arrangement, we see how life isn’t always perfect after you say “I do”. There will be arguments. There will be disagreements and compromises. However, we also see that as long as they can work together and communicate their fears and worries, then there will also be delightful make-up sex.


Series: Beautiful Bastard, book 4.5.

Should you read it? A quick, sexy read with a hilarious couple. It’s just a brief glimpse at a delightful series.

Smut Level: The honeymoon is far from over in this one! It’s just the beginning as our newlyweds put all their dirty talk to good use, and break in some new sex locations in their apartment. Gotta keep things interesting!

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $1.99 Kindle Price. Pocket Star. 144 Pages.

Check out the book that started it all: Beautiful Bastard


Wicked Sexy Liar by Christina Lauren

Luke is a wild and sexy beast in my opinion. However, he is far from perfect. Not only does he just eat a single Pop-Tart in one sitting, but his favorite flavor is blueberry. What kind of a monster are we dealing with here?! Everyone knows the superior flavor is strawberry!!

What’s it About?


London Hughes is very content to surf daily, tend bar, hang out with her group of friends, and slowly orient herself in the years after college. Everything’s going great and according to the non-plan. But when a wave knocks her for a loop one morning, then Luke Sutter’s flirtatious smile knocks her for another that evening, she veers slightly off course…and into his path. Sure, he’s a total player, but the Why not—it’s only one night is a persistent voice in her ear.

For his part, Luke’s been on hookup autopilot for so long that he rarely ever pauses to consider what he’s doing. But after an amazing time with London, he realizes that he hasn’t been moving on from a devastating heartbreak so much as he’s been drifting to wherever—and whomever—the current takes him. With London he wants more. Every relationship involves two people…plus their pasts. And as much as she enjoys her fling with Luke, when London learns about his past—more specifically, who’s in it—everything becomes the brand of complicated she strives to avoid. It’s up to Luke then to change some things in order to try and ensure he’s not something she’ll outright avoid as well.

First Impressions

In this fourth novel of the Wild Seasons series, we find ourselves veering away from our original three couples who met and hooked up in Vegas, and instead focusing on some friends of theirs. First thought: who the hell are these outsiders?!?! Mkay, so originally I was kind of wary that after the previous 3 novels we’d be introduced to two new characters who were only briefly mentioned beforehand.


Although we still get a glimpse of the fabulous ladies from the first novels, the sexy gents were quite obviously absent from this book. Overall, it was still a fun read, and Luke and London were quite the delight, not to mention sexy as hell! They can get pretty creative with the limited space available on Luke’s couch.

Moving on from the Past

This novel tackles a very interesting topic of trusting someone based on their past indiscretions. When Luke and London first meet, they hook up for a one-night stand; something that is a rather common aspect of Luke’s lifestyle. Hell, he doesn’t even get her name right and calls her Logan instead of London. But then fate keeps bringing them together. Their one night hook-up turns into two, and so on.


All of Luke’s attention is solely focused on London. He feels something for her, he wants to explore it, and possibly even start a serious relationship with her. Since deciding to make a go of things with London he has never given her any reason to doubt or question his intentions. And yet, Luke’s friends, family, and even London herself still see him as a playboy, even though he’s desperately trying to move on from his philandering ways.

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

How exactly can one move on towards a new future when everyone else continues to view them based on their past? Luke also faces an additional obstacle when it comes to London, as she can’t help but compare him to her ex, who secretly cheated on her for over two years during their seemingly serious relationship. This raises an additional question in how to separate a bad past experience from influencing all of your current choices and decisions? As with any rom-com, a grand gesture is required.


Series: Wild Seasons, book 4. I don’t know if there are any other novels planned after this one, but I personally would love to read a romance featuring the group’s stoner friend, not-Joe, as the male lead. He’s freakin’ hilarious!

Should you read it? Although it was sad to move away from the original three Vegas couples, it was still a fun and sexy read.

Smut Level: These two have some hot and wild sex pretty early on. But it takes a few times before London allows him to get truly intimate with her. Let’s just say it involves his head in her lap.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $7.99 Kindle Price. Gallery Books. 384 Pages.

Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

My interests might not completely align with those of the female lead in this book. For example, I do not create or indulge in the art of comic books. Yet I like to think that she and I are soul sisters, for I too could totally get on board with the idea of dating a sensitive Australian hunk with six pack abs.

What’s it About?


Lola and Oliver like to congratulate themselves on having the good sense to not consummate their drunken Las Vegas wedding. If they’d doubled-down on that mistake, their Just Friends situation might not be half as great as it is now….Or so goes the official line. In reality, Lola’s wanted Oliver since day one—and over time has only fallen harder for his sexy Aussie accent and easygoing ability to take her as she comes. More at home in her studio than in baring herself to people, Lola’s instinctive comfort around Oliver nearly seems too good to be true. So why ruin a good thing?

Even as geek girls fawn over him, Oliver can’t get his mind off what he didn’t do with Lola when he had the chance. He knows what he wants with her now … and it’s far outside the friend zone. When Lola’s graphic novel starts getting national acclaim—and is then fast-tracked for a major motion picture—Oliver steps up to be there for her whenever she needs him. After all, she’s not the kind of girl who likes all that attention, but maybe she’s the kind who’ll eventually like him. Sometimes seeing what’s right in front of us takes a great leap of faith. And sometimes a dark wild night in Vegas isn’t just the end of a day, but the beginning of a bright new life…

First Impressions

If I had one recommendation when it comes to this book, it would be to listen to it in audiobook format if at all possible. We’ve got an adorable male lead with a deep voice and an Australian accent. He might also enjoy a bit of dirty talk. I mean, if that doesn’t get your blood pumping then I have no idea what does.

download (2)

Best of Friends

Of all the books in this series so far, I must say this was my favorite relationship. I can’t say for sure whether or not it was necessarily my favorite story, but the connection between Lola and Oliver was definitely the one filled with the most sentiment. I think the reason it stood out from the previous two is because their relationship extended beyond the physical.


These two may have gotten married in Vegas, but they were the only ones in the group who didn’t have sex. They quickly got their marriage annulled and become close friends. They connect over their shared love of comics, they both have extreme crushes on the other, yet they’re both afraid to act on their feelings and possibly ruin their friendship. You can’t hold out forever people! It’s just a matter of time

Real Life

This novel takes a very interesting look at how the stresses of life can interfere with what can seem as the most perfect of relationships. Is that ideal life/work balance achievable, or do we all have to pull a Ross/Rachel Friends moment and just take a break? Sometimes romance novels can get so caught up in the sex and fun of a new relationship, that real life and work can get put by the wayside. This novel attacks it head on, and doesn’t shy away from the harsh and unpleasant realities of juggling a career and relationship at the same time.

images (1)

I absolutely loved Lola and Oliver together, as well as seeing Lola attempt to deal with her new book release, the movie adaptation of her first book, and Oliver’s penis all at the same time. However, I do feel like the book ended somewhat abruptly, without a total resolution to some of the problems Lola was facing. They solution may have been implied, but it seemed like there were still some conflicts left unresolved.

Series: Wild Seasons, book 3.

Should you read it? A fun and sexy series to be sure, with recurring characters you can’t help but love. Bring me the next one!

Smut Level: Two self-designated nerds playing strip poker. Enough…said.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $7.99 Kindle Price. Gallery Books. 353 Pages.

And here’s a picture of Mr. Hemsworth with his shirt off to brighten your day.



Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren

The first man in this series was described as sweet and filthy. This one is described as dirty and rowdy. If I’m not mistaken, I think it’s safe to say that we’re getting a little raunchier!!

What’s it About? dirty rowdy thing


Despite their rowdy hookups, Harlow and Finn don’t even like each other…which would explain why their marriage lasted only twelve hours. He needs to be in charge and takes whatever he wants. She lives by the Want-something-done? Do-it-yourself mantra. Maybe she’s too similar to the rugged fisherman—or just what he needs.

First Impressions

I must say, I think I liked this book better than the first one! There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, the characters. Harlow and Finn have an amazing chemistry that just leaps off the page. They tease, they flirt, he bites, she likes being bitten. They’re the perfect match. Secondly, the plot. They’re both looking for an escape from the drama of their lives. Her mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and his family’s business is on the brink of financial ruin due to their broken fishing boats. The two get lost in each other. They were supposed to be a distraction from real life, but they quickly realize that there’s more between them. Mainly, lots of sex and rope.


A Spiffy Spat

At one point, things are going so well between Harlow and Finn that you can’t help but question, “Alright, who’s gonna screw things up?” Turns out it’s really a joint effort. She kept the truth of her mother’s illness a secret from him, even though he shared the details of his family’s business woes with her, and his own mother died of the same illness. In addition, Harlow tries to help him solve his business problems without his permission, so he runs off to Canada in a hissy fit without saying goodbye to her. They both basically made some poor decisions.



To be fair though, their little spat doesn’t last too long. They mutually decide to move on, and not dwell on their first argument for too long. Before you know it, they’re right back to biting, and touching, and oh so much thrusting. Mmm.


Series: Wild Seasons, book 2. Book three please!

Should you read it? Yes ma’am! Or sir. Whichever.

Smut Level: Dirty and rowdy indeed! He gets off telling her how he’ll get her off, and roughness is definitely involved. Nothing quite like a couple discovering their mutual love of spanking.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $7.99 Kindle Price. Gallery Books. 337 Pages.


Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

I don’t think there could be a more aptly named title for this book. The male lead, Ansel, is so adorably sweet he’s like an iddy biddy widdle puppy I just wanna squeeze! At the same time, he has a downright filthy mouth in the bedroom. Yes please!

What’s it About? 


One-night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient, or wickedly persuasive, or regrettable. They aren’t supposed to be with someone like him. But after a crazy Vegas weekend celebrating her college graduation—and terrified of the future path she knows is a cop-out—Mia Holland makes the wildest decision of her life: follow Ansel Guillaume—her sweet, filthy fling—to France for the summer and just…play. When feelings begin to develop behind the provocative roles they take on, and their temporary masquerade adventures begin to feel real, Mia will have to decide if she belongs in the life she left because it was all wrong, or in the strange new one that seems worlds away.

First Impressions

On the one hand, this novel totally met my expectations for a Christina Lauren book. I mean, there are some amazingly fabulous things going on in the bedroom which are definitely more filthy than sweet. On the other hand, I was also surprised that our male lead was actually really sweet. For some reason I thought the title was being ironic, but Ansel was so freakin’ adorable I loved it! I’ve read the Beautiful Bastard series by Christina Lauren as well, and I guess it just goes to show how unique the characters in this series can be, especially when you compare Ansel with the bastard male lead in the other series. I guess I was happily surprised to find out that this series wouldn’t just be a direct copy of the other one.


What Happens in Vegas…

Something else I wasn’t expecting from this novel was that Mia didn’t merely have a one-night stand with the seductively sweet Ansel. In true Vegas tradition they had to go ahead and get married after knowing each other for a matter of hours. To avoid the post-graduation stress of facing real life, Mia decides to live life to the fullest while she still can, and travels back to France with the hunky Ansel. That is one lucky biotch.


When Mia and Ansel first arrive in Paris they have some rather awkward moments trying to rediscover the care-free passion and rapport they had in Vegas. Nothing a few costumes from a Parisian sex shop can’t fix! Normally couples turn to costumes and role-play to keep the magic alive after being married a few years. Looks like these two need it a bit sooner. Not sure that’s exactly a good sign, but whatever. I’m still gonna enjoy reading about their steamy sexual exploits.



Overall, this was one sexy read, with an interesting story of taking chances in life, and finding someone who can help you escape your own mind at times. However, there were two aspects of this novel which I feel were glossed over a bit, and I wanted more details to really see the big picture.

Number one: the wedding night. Mia and Ansel’s one-night stand was sort of a drunken blur. Although we get the basic gist of the evening which involved lots of drinking, talking and f*cking, I also think that night was a key moment which explained their deeper connection beyond sex. Mia was comfortable opening up to Ansel, and sharing things with him that even her best friends didn’t know. What was it about him that allowed her to truly be herself with him?


Number two: Mia’s father. To be blunt, he’s kind of a dick. He’s pushing Mia towards a future she doesn’t really want, and she runs off to Paris to avoid facing this predestined future right after graduating. Mia doesn’t really talk with her dad about the fact she ran away, or have a confrontation about what it is she truly wants out of life when she comes back to the USA. I felt like this was one aspect of the novel that went unresolved.


Series: Wild Seasons, book 1. I already have book 2 ready and waiting on my Kindle.

Should you read it? We have a dirty talkin’ Frenchman who also has a sweet side. What else is there in life? I do feel like the story could have been taken one step further, but overall, pretty enjoyable.

Smut Level: Ansel is more than happy to give Mia some useful French lessons. For example, he teaches her how to say, “make me come with your tongue”. Ah, l’amour.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $7.99 Kindle Price. Gallery Books. Simon and Schuster. 416 Pages.

Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren

Hands down, this is one of the hottest contemporary romance series out there. I love how each book has a different and unique couple, yet you’re practically guaranteed some delightful dirty talk, and passion in the bedroom.

What’s it About? 

beautiful secret

When Ruby Miller’s boss announces he’s sending her on an extended business trip to New York City, she’s shocked. As one of the best and brightest young engineers in London, she knows she’s professionally up to the task. The part that’s throwing her is where she’ll be spending a month up close and personal working alongside—and staying in a hotel with—Niall Stella, her firm’s top urban planning executive and The Hottest Man Alive. Despite her ongoing crush, Ruby is certain Niall barely knows she’s alive…until their flirty overnight flight makes him sit up and take notice. Not one for letting loose and breaking rules, recently divorced Niall would describe himself as hopeless when it comes to women. But even he knows outgoing California-girl Ruby is a breath of fresh air. Once she makes it her mission to help the sexy Brit loosen his tie, there’s no turning back. Thousands of miles from London, it’s easy for the lovers to play pretend. But when the trip is over, will the relationship they’ve built up fall down?

First Impressions

Ruby has had a crush on Niall forever, but it isn’t until they go on a business trip together that their mutual attraction for one another becomes known. Lucky bitch! Sounds like a pretty good business trip to me. Whenever I go away for business I usually end up alone in my hotel room eating Thai food, and watching The Big Bang Theory reruns. Actually, that doesn’t sound half bad right about now. Might need to get myself some Pad See Ew in the next 20 minutes or so.

pad see ew

An Old-Fashioned Not-So-Gentle Man

I’ve read every book in this series, and I must say that Niall is my favorite male lead so far. He’s hesitant when it comes to acting on his desires for Ruby, which is different from the other playboy guys in the series, who are all so sure of their sexual prowess. Niall, on the other hand, just got out of an 11 year marriage, and he’s never been with another woman. He’s so unsure of himself and how to please Ruby sexually, but he also has this possessive, sex god, dirty-talkin’ persona hidden underneath his expensive business suit that you just want to rip him out of!


Niall is old-fashioned in that he believes you should be in love before you have sex. You don’t really find many of those guys out there anymore. Due to this belief, he decides to wait before having sex with Ruby, and technically they don’t complete the deed until very late in the book. However, you don’t really mind the wait because they basically do every other dirty deed you can think of. By the time they finally get around to having sex, it seems so blasé compared to some of the other stuff they’ve already done.


Series: Beautiful series, book 4. Not necessarily my favorite story, but definitely my favorite man.

Should you read it? Be prepared, because this book is hot, hot, hot! That being said, Niall and Ruby also have so many awkward sexual conversations and scenarios when they first come together that it’s really adorable.

Smut Level: This book has some satisfying delayed gratification in that you have to wait a while for the horizontal mambo performance, but they’ve already practiced all the necessary steps for success.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $7.99 Kindle Price. Gallery Books. 401 Pages.

Beautiful Beloved by Christina Lauren

Having a baby changes everything. I mean, can you believe that Max and Sara haven’t been back to their exhibitionist sex club since the birth of their daughter? Think of the horror!!!

What’s it About? beautiful

In Beautiful Stranger, finance whiz Sara Dillon met the irresistibly sexy Brit, Max Stella, at a New York City club. Through the series we’ve watched them learn to balance commitment with their less than private brand of playfulness. In Beautiful Beloved, Max and Sara take it to the next step. But the question is: Will they be able to find a balance between the wild sexcapades they aren’t ready to retire, and the demands of parenthood that come along with their new Beautiful bundle of joy? Parenthood: it’s not for the weak of heart.

First Impressions

I’m usually not a fan of half-books, or 0.6 books as is the case with this novel. However, when it comes to this series I will read anything and everything the authors want to put out there. I’ve enjoyed every single book in this series, as each one is the perfect blend of comedy, raw sexual magnetism, and characters you can’t help but love. In this book, we see that it can be a slow road for a husband and wife to connect sexually again after having a child. Not that Max and Sara haven’t had sex since their daughter Anna was born, but it just hasn’t been like it was before. It’s not as rough, and they don’t film it anymore. Or take naughty photos. Going back to vanilla sex can be so boring.


Oh the Hilarity

The majority of this novel consists of several failed date nights between Max and Sara, which are unbelievably hilarious. Every time they try and reintroduce some of the kink to their sexual relationship, they get interrupted by a phone call from one of their many babysitters explaining another issue that baby Anna has. I also loved the fact that their numerous babysitters are all characters from the previous novels. We developed such a strong connection with those characters when reading their own respective love stories, that it’s great to see them all again as a tight-knit friend group in this brief half-book.

Friends season 10

Oh the Seriousness

Even though there is a lot of humor throughout this book, there is actually a rather serious discussion taking place about adjusting to parenthood. Max always used to see Sara as his lover, but now he views her as his wife, and the mother of his child. It might not be on purpose, but he can’t help but view her differently. They fervently try to have the exact same sexual relationship as they did before, just to prove that having a baby hasn’t changed them. But they encounter some difficulties when trying to bring back some of their old tricks. For example, they perfectly demonstrate why you should never take dirty pics on your phone. You never know who you might send them to accidentally.

wrong number

However, by the end of the novel they eventually come to the realization that they don’t necessarily have to try so hard to do the same things as before, because their lives are in fact different now. No point in trying to hide it. It doesn’t mean they can’t still have fun though. They’ve always been kind of kinky, but the affect of motherhood on Max’s libido was quite interesting. Let’s just say he discovered a new found appreciation for Sara’s chest area.


Series: Beautiful Bastard, book 3.6. This book introduces us to Max’s brother, Niall, who is the focus of the next book. I can’t wait!

Should you read it? Only if you’ve read the other books in the series, which I recommend if you’re looking for something really hot and sexy. There’s a guaranteed alpha male in every book.

Smut Level: Holy mackerel. Max and Sara are determined to prove that they can still have an amazing sex life after having a baby. Let’s just say they succeed. Many, many times.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $1.99 Kindle Price. Pocket Star Publishing. 102 Pages.

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

This book is so freakin’ hot, and is the first in a series that is absolutely amazing! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one, so be sure to bring it along on your next beach vacation. One of the best things about this book is that our two main characters don’t even like each other very much at first, but the sexual tension between them is enough to keep them coming back for more. Multiple times. Tee hee.beautiful bastard

Chloe Mills is an MBA student who really doesn’t like her boss Bennett Ryan, but she can’t deny the fact that he is gorgeous. Beautiful even. Get it, he’s a beautiful bastard. One night, the two of them are alone together in the office, one thing leads to another, and he ends up having sex with her against the windows of the conference room. You don’t need to wait around very long for this book to get steamy, and it just gets hotter throughout the rest of the book.

There is something about a good office romance that I just love, and this is without a doubt one of the best. Everything about this book is sexy, from the cover (yummy) to the urgent need of the characters to get in each others pants/pencil skirt as soon as possible. Their sexual chemistry simply can’t be denied. They can’t keep their hands off of each other, and I think that’s part of the reason why they are so resentful of each other. They’re both so focused on success, that anything else (including feelings for someone else) is considered to be a distraction. Ergo, their sexual activities are rough, angry, and full of trash talk. What more could you want I ask ya? Personally, I want them to make it into a movie!

Eventually our two love birds start to question if this electricity between them is something more than just sex, and if it could possibly be love. Perhaps it’s something they can’t work or screw out of their systems, no matter how many times they try to do so. Beautiful Bastard is definitely the best book of this series, but the others are still awesome. All are funny, sexy and full of characters you can’t help but love.

Series: Beautiful Bastard series, book 1

Should you read it? If you haven’t bought it yet you need to do so immediately.

Smut Level: This book might even be too hot for the beach.

Buy it on Amazon: Click Here