Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

My interests might not completely align with those of the female lead in this book. For example, I do not create or indulge in the art of comic books. Yet I like to think that she and I are soul sisters, for I too could totally get on board with the idea of dating a sensitive Australian hunk with six pack abs.

What’s it About?


Lola and Oliver like to congratulate themselves on having the good sense to not consummate their drunken Las Vegas wedding. If they’d doubled-down on that mistake, their Just Friends situation might not be half as great as it is now….Or so goes the official line. In reality, Lola’s wanted Oliver since day one—and over time has only fallen harder for his sexy Aussie accent and easygoing ability to take her as she comes. More at home in her studio than in baring herself to people, Lola’s instinctive comfort around Oliver nearly seems too good to be true. So why ruin a good thing?

Even as geek girls fawn over him, Oliver can’t get his mind off what he didn’t do with Lola when he had the chance. He knows what he wants with her now … and it’s far outside the friend zone. When Lola’s graphic novel starts getting national acclaim—and is then fast-tracked for a major motion picture—Oliver steps up to be there for her whenever she needs him. After all, she’s not the kind of girl who likes all that attention, but maybe she’s the kind who’ll eventually like him. Sometimes seeing what’s right in front of us takes a great leap of faith. And sometimes a dark wild night in Vegas isn’t just the end of a day, but the beginning of a bright new life…

First Impressions

If I had one recommendation when it comes to this book, it would be to listen to it in audiobook format if at all possible. We’ve got an adorable male lead with a deep voice and an Australian accent. He might also enjoy a bit of dirty talk. I mean, if that doesn’t get your blood pumping then I have no idea what does.

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Best of Friends

Of all the books in this series so far, I must say this was my favorite relationship. I can’t say for sure whether or not it was necessarily my favorite story, but the connection between Lola and Oliver was definitely the one filled with the most sentiment. I think the reason it stood out from the previous two is because their relationship extended beyond the physical.


These two may have gotten married in Vegas, but they were the only ones in the group who didn’t have sex. They quickly got their marriage annulled and become close friends. They connect over their shared love of comics, they both have extreme crushes on the other, yet they’re both afraid to act on their feelings and possibly ruin their friendship. You can’t hold out forever people! It’s just a matter of time

Real Life

This novel takes a very interesting look at how the stresses of life can interfere with what can seem as the most perfect of relationships. Is that ideal life/work balance achievable, or do we all have to pull a Ross/Rachel Friends moment and just take a break? Sometimes romance novels can get so caught up in the sex and fun of a new relationship, that real life and work can get put by the wayside. This novel attacks it head on, and doesn’t shy away from the harsh and unpleasant realities of juggling a career and relationship at the same time.

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I absolutely loved Lola and Oliver together, as well as seeing Lola attempt to deal with her new book release, the movie adaptation of her first book, and Oliver’s penis all at the same time. However, I do feel like the book ended somewhat abruptly, without a total resolution to some of the problems Lola was facing. They solution may have been implied, but it seemed like there were still some conflicts left unresolved.

Series: Wild Seasons, book 3.

Should you read it? A fun and sexy series to be sure, with recurring characters you can’t help but love. Bring me the next one!

Smut Level: Two self-designated nerds playing strip poker. Enough…said.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $7.99 Kindle Price. Gallery Books. 353 Pages.

And here’s a picture of Mr. Hemsworth with his shirt off to brighten your day.