The Cockiest Cowboy to Have Ever Cocked by Jamila Jasper

Well if that title doesn’t catch your attention…then I don’t know what will!

What’s it About?51kDT6jRQCL

This should have been easy.
Hide out from my ex in Omaha while helping an old woman on her ranch.
One problem…
Her son Kurt O’Connor.
I should have known better than to get involved.
He’s tall, a pillar of muscle, icy blue eyes… and cocky as h*ll!
He doesn’t just want my body.
He wants all of me.
I must resist.

First Impressions

I first heard about this book in the immediate aftermath of the #cockygate controversy. For those of you romance readers and writers out there who aren’t familiar with the issue, I’d say it’s definitely worth a quick Google search. I think we can also agree that the concept of trademarking the word “cocky” for use in a romance novel title is rather…cray cray. This novel was initially published under the name Cocky Cowboy, but in the wake of #cockygate it received a well-deserved title upgrade to The Cockiest Cowboy to Have Ever Cocked. I must admit I was pretty stoked to support this cause and author. The novel starts off with all of the elements for a great read, including a strong African-American female lead, a mysterious crime on a remote Nebraska ranch, and even a cocky cowboy or two! Unfortunately I can’t say the story completely came together for me, and I was left feeling a bit underwhelmed when all was said and done. Let’s take a closer look at the details!


An Impeccable Start

This novel starts off with an intriguing story that pulls you in with its suspense and intrigue. It opens on Nicki, a 45-year-old private detective seeking refuge on a ranch in the wide-open plains of Omaha after fleeing her abusive husband back East. However, she’s not just using this ranch as a stepping stone to get her life back on track. There have been some strange goings-on happening at this ranch in the middle of nowhere, including a howling nightly apparition which is subsequently followed by the slaughter of the ranch’s sheep. The ranch owner allows Nicki to stay on her property in the hopes that she’ll be able to help get to the bottom of this mystery.


Seeing this big city girl adjust to life on a small ranch definitely sparks your interest, and you can’t help but admire this woman for taking such a huge risk in escaping out from under the controlling thumb of her abusive ex-husband. The fact that she also decides to find pleasure for herself by exploring a sexual relationship with Kurt, the eldest son of the ranch owner, makes you root for her all the more to find happiness. As the story progresses you definitely wonder who might be wreaking havoc on such a seemingly innocent family, but we also start to see some missteps when it comes to the execution of the plot.


A Lackluster Finish

First of all, I couldn’t help but question Nicki’s prowess as a private detective. Considering she’s there to help solve a mystery, I was surprised to find that asking questions of the ranch owner and other witnesses was seemingly never too high on her priority list. When she did manage to ask them a few questions they were mysteriously cryptic in their responses, and they remained continuously closed off and secretive to her inquiries. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t understand why she would bother putting with with this secretive family when she’s there trying to help them. If it were me and they insisted on staying so close-lipped I would’ve just said, “See ya! Hire Scooby-Doo and the gang if you want help uncovering the true identity of this masked culprit. I’m done!”


While the mystery of the ranch pulls you in at the start, unfortunately this story just continued to lose momentum as the novel progressed. It was sort of like a puzzle that was missing a few pieces to form a complete picture. The motive behind the ranch haunting was kiiiiiiiind of mentioned at the very end, but I feel like we never uncovered all the reasons why the ranch was a target in the first place. There are many other aspects of the story which sort of drop off and questions which are left unanswered. Even the fate of one of our main characters (who gets hit by a car!) is never fully revealed. This book started with us wondering who was terrorizing the ranch, and while we eventually uncover who that person was, in the end I felt like I had even more questions than I did when the novel commenced.


Series: I kind of wish this was a series, if only to learn what actually went down in this one.

Should you read it? I reaaaaaaally wanted to like this book. It starts off so strong, but unfortunately all of the various plot points kind of fall apart by the end. If I had read this as a first draft I think it would have had a lot of exciting promise, but as a final product it could have used some more time and attention bringing everything together. There were also a number of spelling errors that were kind of distracting. When I purchased this book it was just $2.99 on Amazon, and considering what it stood for in terms of #cockygate I think it was still money well spent even though I can’t say it’s the best cohesive read.

Smut Level: Nicki and Kurt always seem to start things off up against a wall. This quickly progresses to Nicki on her back with Kurt’s head between her legs. Gotta appreciate the convenience that Kurt’s mom and brother always seem to be off “in town” when these seductive moments take place!

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $5.99 Kindle Price. Jamila Jasper Romance. 479 Pages.

Bad Boy, Big Heart by Andrea Downing

The trickiest thing when it comes to summer romances? There’s always a time limit. Sooner or later, the summer must come to an end.

What’s it About? 

bad boy, big heart

When New Yorker K.C. Daniels heads to Wyoming for a summer job, she wants nothing more than to fit in with the staff of the Lazy S Ranch. Yearning to be independent of her mom and dad, and have a taste of the west before she starts her Master’s degree, getting involved with a cowboy is the last thing on her mind—especially when she’s greeted with warnings about ‘Bad Boy’ Chay Ridgway.

High school dropout Chay Ridgway sees summer as his time to be a rodeo star and win a girl in his life, while facing the responsibilities he has for his father. Although working to bring in cash to help his dad, he’s never had a problem finding a woman who’s happy to be that summer love—until K.C. Daniels appears on the scene. As two different worlds collide in a season that will end all too soon, is this going to be another summer romance or a love that will last for years?

First Impressions

Upon first meeting Chay, we as the audience have the same assumptions about his character that K.C. does. He’s a player. A bad boy. A high school drop out. He might be a good fling for a summer romance, but for an actual relationship? Probably more work than it’s worth in just the span of the summer. However, as the summer progresses, we learn that underneath Chay’s carefree attitude is a loving man who has his hands full. He had to take on the responsibilities of an adult early on in life. Taking care of both his ailing father and his crumbling homestead proved too difficult to tackle in addition to high school, hence his decision to drop out. Since then he’s had a one track mind of building up his family home to it’s former glory. Having a relationship with a woman beyond just a summer is something he has no interest or time for. Until of course K.C. comes along. We see that his number one priorities start to shift as he gets to know this city girl.


The Difficulties of a Summer Romance


As with any summer romance novel, emotions develop rather quickly between Chay and K.C. They recognize early on that something about their attraction to each other is different than anything they’ve experienced before, and they want to take a chance on a relationship. The switch from summer fling to full on relationship is something I wish had been explored just a bit more. As a novella, it’s already a pretty short read, and it seemed like one minute K.C. was debating whether or not to give Chay a chance, and the next she’s willing to change her future plans to accommodate him into her life for the long haul.

Leaving the Nest

What I particularly liked about this novella is that it wasn’t just a summer romance. It was also a summer for growing up, and this applied to both our lead characters. K.C. has come to Wyoming to get a break from her overbearing parents. She feels she has to do what they say as they paid for her undergraduate education, and will soon be paying for her MA degree and living expenses for graduate school in New York City. Definitely a pretty penny right there! Her time with Chay though shows her that some things are worth fighting for, and she’s willing to break out on her own from her parents if it means a possible future with the cowboy.


Chay too grows as a person during his summer with K.C. He’s finally willing to give his heart to a woman, and take a chance on love. As the novella progresses it seems damn near impossible that they’ll end up together considering everything standing in their way. Will she give up school to be with him? Will the rugged cowboy take on the skyscrapers of the Big Apple? Can they try a long distance relationship for two whole years? And then you have K.C.’s high class parents who decide to come out West for a little visit with their daughter. What else could possibly happen?

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Heart of the Boy, book 1. I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series.

Should you read it? I think I would have preferred if this were a full length novel instead of a novella. While I really did love the story and the delightful characters, I also couldn’t help but feel that certain elements were a bit too rushed. From the romance itself to some interesting dramatic moments, I guess I just wanted more! I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series though, which will be full-length and continue on in the romance between our city girl and her cowboy.

Smut Level: Nothing too scandalous.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $0.99 Kindle Price. Amazon Digital Services LLC. 94 Pages.


Renegade Heart by Nina Barrett

The rodeo is headed to Sin City! Sounds like a lethal combination, no?

What’s it About? 


As if Vegas didn’t have excitement enough, December brings the National Finals Rodeo to the city. Heading the Imperial Hotel’s participation as a host hotel, Kerstin Hennepin is rushing to a meeting when a fall sends her tumbling into a stranger’s arms and he’s in no hurry to let her go.

Jake Aaron is a troubleshooter for the rodeo Or maybe he’s just plain trouble. Their attraction is instant and one close encounter leads to another, but Jake comes with plenty of questions. True he’s busy handing the offstage antics of rowdy rodeo contestants, but does his job also include romancing a young barrel rider and carrying a concealed weapon? With the finale of the Finals approaching, Kerstin needs answers. But when her search for the truth reveals more is going on behind the scenes than on the arena floor, she and Jake are squarely in someone’s cross hairs.

First Impressions

Yes, this novel definitely had a romantic aspect to it. However, I felt like it could also almost be categorized as a “How To” book. Basically, how to run a large scale event at a hotel, and how to manage rodeo activities. There was so much detail included on both subjects! I’m sure a lot of it was spot on accurate, as it seemed like there was a lot of research involved to make it as realistic as possible. Unfortunately, I felt like this resulted in our characters being pushed aside in order to focus more on logistics of event planning. Definitely unfortunate, as I love me some rodeo cowboy.


Heroine vs. Hero

We definitely focus more attention on Kerstin’s character rather than Jake’s. Her relationship with the rest of her family back East, not to mention her ex-boyfriend who is suddenly back in the picture, meant that it was much easier to connect to her personality. As for Jake on the other hand, I felt like we never really had the opportunity to get to know him completely.


I think his character was meant to remain a bit mysterious and distant. However, he always seemed off in the background, without much meaningful interaction between him and Kerstin. When they were together they were delightfully flirtatious, and I guess I was intrigued enough that I wanted them to spend more time together! At the very end we do find out a crucial hidden detail about Jake, but it was only brushed upon briefly, and I wish I had learned more about his background. Basically, gimme more!

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Stand-alone

Should you read it? There were some slight rumblings of illegal activities happening behind the scenes, but I think the story would have benefited much more if the suspenseful story line had been focused on more than the details of how to host a holiday hoedown for rodeo guests.

Smut Level: Overall this is a fairly clean read. One sexy make out session that is cut short, and a little something more at the very end of the book. I must say though, I’m not sure they are a forever couple.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $4.99 Kindle Price. The Wild Rose Press, Inc. 170 Pages.


Wedding Day by Erin Bevan

If you’re looking for a light-hearted romance featuring a dashing cowboy, a bit of intrigue, a good handful of sexual innuendos, and not too many detailed sex scenes, then this is definitely the book for you.

What’s it About?


Famous Bull Rider Dallas Day met Cassie Bailey briefly in high school, but her plain looks and quiet personality left no lasting impression on him. Cassie, however, couldn’t say the same about Dallas. Their paths cross again ten years later when Dallas is home recovering from an injury, and Cassie is the only veterinarian who volunteers her services at the home-town rodeo. She’s jump-starting her new practice, and every eligible man within a ten-mile radius is trying to land a date with the attractive vet.

Dallas’ older brother bets him that, even with all his charm and fame, Dallas can’t land a date with the reserved lady vet. Not one to turn down a challenge, Dallas makes it his mission to win a date with Cassie. After seeing her, he realizes they’ve met before, but he doesn’t remember her being so pretty. His persistence pays off, but when Cassie finds out about the bet, their new love is put to the test. Determined to win her back, Dallas meets his biggest challenge yet: saving her life when a casual admirer turns into a deadly stalker.

First Impressions

This was such a delightful romance that I couldn’t ever seem to put it down. It really draws you in right from the get-go with it’s lovable characters and interesting story line. The romance between Dallas and Cassie starts off as a challenging bet for him, and an old high-school crush for her. But as the two get closer, spend more time together, and Dallas shows nothing but love and caring to Cassie’s daughter, Briana, this simple high-school crush turns into something more heartfelt and passionate.


Multiple Themes

There’s really a plethora of different romance novel themes represented in this book. From single parents to stalkers, bets, a cowboy contemplating his rodeo career, and a virgin heroine torn between two men, it’s all here! I could see how some people might find all of these themes to be overwhelming, but I personally thought they all converged and flowed into one cohesive story with a dramatic and exciting conclusion. Every element had a part to play and it all came full circle.

download (1)

Mystery Stalker

The mystery stalker element of this novel also balanced very well with the budding romance between Cassie and Dallas. I did guess the identity of our stalker rather early on, but the author does an amazing job at making you suspect quite a few different characters, and second-guess yourself. Everything comes together in one final scene that is so unbelievably intense you can’t help but love it.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: I sincerely hope this book is turned into a series because there’s a suggested future romance between Dallas’s brother and Cassie’s best friend. I want, nay I need, to see it come to fruition!

Should you read it? This is a great read that will make you giggle with delight, sigh from the fabulous romance, and hold your breath in anticipation. If I had one teeny weeny complaint, it would be that Dallas and Cassie come together extremely quickly. The whole novel takes place in the span of about two weeks.

Smut Level: This cowboy has posed for the month of June in a calendar wearing nothing but his Stetson. I need to get me one of those! Overall the sex scenes are very tame, but satisfying nevertheless.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Soul Mate Publishing. 236 Pages.



Beneath the Stetson by Janice Maynard

I’m starting to notice a theme with audiobooks. If there is ever a single parent with a child/children involved, 9 times out of 10 the kid is my favorite character. They just always have so much childish enthusiasm I can’t help but love ’em!

What’s it About?beneath

Millionaire rancher Gil Addison does not need Bailey Collins. She is far from the sweet homemaker he thought he wanted. But she is a beautiful woman with a badge, hot on the heels of a kidnapper in Gil’s club. And Gil is hot for her!

Bailey can’t let her career get sidetracked by the cowboy and his son. She’s here to do a job, not find a family. Bailey won’t stop till she gets her man in cuffs…. Trouble is, Gil won’t stop till he gets this woman in his bed!

First Impressions

So, this is the first time I read any book from this series, and I’ll be the first to admit, I was a bit lost. Sure, I understood the overall gist of the plot, but I couldn’t help but feel as though I came into a story half-way through its telling. Bailey is in town investigating a kidnapping, where the person who was kidnapped has been found, but he has no memory. This was obviously a carry-over plot from a previous novel, and trying to learn who all of these characters were was tough enough. Add in the fact that this kidnapping story-line never reaches a resolution by the end of this novel, and my overall sense of confusion never really went away.



Alright, so that’s the mystery aspect of the novel. Let’s focus on the romantic side of things. With this too I felt like I really missed the start of their infatuation, which must have come about in a previous novel. You can tell that Gil and Bailey have some unresolved sexual tension which commenced when Bailey suspected him of being somehow involved in this kidnapping. Well, it seems they were more than ready to release some of that tension!


What do you get when you combine a female law enforcement officer with a stetson-wearing rancher in an enclosed office space with a lock on the door? A damn sexy time! These two have some chemistry, and it’s positively delicious to watch it all unfold. They are dealing with some extra anxiety of what will happen when the case is solved and Bailey must return to her work in Dallas. They want to make the most of the time they have together…by being naked.

*An audiobook was provided by Recorded Books for an honest review*

Series: Texas Cattleman’s Club: A Missing Mogul, book 8. Was I intrigued enough to continue on with this series? Meh, not really. Was I intrigued enough to go back to the beginning and see how it all began? Meh, not really.

Should you read it? I’m sure if you were already a fan of the series it’d be an enjoyable read, especially seeing as there’s an interesting twist at the end. Gil’s son is also amazingly adorable. But seeing as we’re 8 books in it’s just too much work for me to go back and start reading from the beginning.

Smut Level: Their first night together was explained in some pretty exquisite detail. We had a light/dark theme at play where her naked body was bathed in moonlight, whereas his was only slightly evident through the darkness. Delightful imagery.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $3.99 Kindle Price. Harlequin Desire. 192 Pages.


Against the Wall by Rebecca Zanetti

Oh yeah! They do it against the wall…twice.

What’s it About?


Surveying the proposed site for a high-end golf course should have been a breeze for spunky landscape architect Sophie Smith. But when this born-and-bred city girl is literally swept off her feet by a sexy cowboy on horseback, she realizes country life has some serious (and seriously steamy) possibilities. That is, until she finds out exactly who her smoking hot wrangler really is.

Tribal lawyer Jake Lodge is desperately trying to block the development. And if that means playing hardball, so be it. But Sophie is a distraction he didn’t expect. A distraction that makes his blood burn. Two different worlds. Two opposing sides. And when they finally give into temptation, the consequences will shake the foundations of both of their lives…

First Impressions

Sophie is out in the forest making notes for her golf course design when she first meets Jake. He literally sweeps her off her feet onto his horse. Yes sir, I’d ride that cowboy! The tension between Sophie and Jake is positively mesmerizing, and not just the sexual tension (which is pretty freakin’ phenomenal). There is also a large amount of tension surrounding the affect her golf course design will have on the local community, and Jake is the lawyer representing the interests of the local Native American Indian tribe. This sets up the scenario for some heated arguments which lead to some more heated interactions between the two.


Points Off

Overall I absolutely loved this book, but it gets two demerit points:

1) At one point in the story, Jake and Sophie are getting to know each other by taking their clothes off and getting intimate on his backyard porch dining table. It starts to rain and they go inside to finish things up. Come on! It’s a sin to deprive the readers of some sex in the rain!!

sex in rain

2) Jake has a daughter. Hear me out! It’s not that he has a daughter that bothers me, but rather that she’s barely featured at all throughout the novel! I think she’s only in like 3 scenes total, and has 2 brief conversations with Sophie. This was such a disappointment because she was actually an adorable little character, and I wanted to see more!

Series: Maverick Montana, book 1. I am so gonna read the next one. Can’t wait to read about Jake’s hunky brothers!

Should you read it? Absolutely! It’s a great contemporary romance with a fabulous sexual connection between Jake and Sophie, not to mention an interesting plot on how their respective jobs could be a detriment to their new-found relationship. Also, Jake looks amazing in both a suit, or riding on a horse. Mmmmm.

Smut Level: In addition to up against the wall, these two find some interesting locales to do the deed. The shower, a garden bench, the front porch. Jake likes to take control and set the pace. Aaaaahhhhh.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Entangled: Brazen. 230 Pages.

Cowboy throwing lasso

Southwest of Love and Murder by Brenda Whiteside

I really need to stop reading these suspenseful murder mysteries while I’m all alone and simultaneously watching Forensic Files. And Dateline. And an OJ Simpson murder special on A&E. Will I never learn?!

What’s it About? 


Mystery writer Phoebe Anderson owes her success to killing her first husband on paper seventeen years earlier. Now someone has actually done it. When she decides to take a few days away on the ranch of her best friend’s brother-in-law, she doesn’t expect romance to find her…or murder to follow her.

Mason Meadowlark is happy with his wild cowboy ways, avoiding love since the death of his baby and the end of his marriage twenty years ago. When Phoebe shows up, he fights to control his emotions but soon wonders if she just might be worth the risk of opening his heart again. With an obsessed fan close on her heels, Phoebe is thrown into her own murder mystery…and the next target on his list is Mason.

First Impressions

Phoebe had a wild one-night stand with Mason a few months back, and after her ex-husband is murdered she decides to take a trip to Mason’s ranch to do some “research” for her next book. Yeah right! Call it whatever you want missy, we all know you had every intention to ride that cowboy one more time. And good on ya! As for the actual murder mystery taking place in the novel, I was shocked that we as the readers learn right away who the killer is, while the rest of the characters remain in the dark. I thought this would lessen the overall suspense, but boy I was wrong!


A Killer’s Point of View

The entire book alternates between various characters’ points of view, one of which being the killer’s, who is intent on getting Phoebe’s attention so they can work on a future book together. This guy takes “crazy fan” to a whole new level with his wacked sense of reality.

The fact that we are privy to the killer’s inner thoughts, not to mention his future plans for murder, was an amazing way to increase the intensity of the book. There is one scene in particular where the killer goes after a close family friend of Mason’s, and everything is played out so slowly that you’ll be on the edge of your seat wondering if he’ll actually succeed. I kept wanting to scream out “Behind you!” You can see it happening, but you can’t do anything to stop it!


Another Cliché

This book has several murder mystery clichés throughout, which Phoebe almost mocks because she is now seeing them in real life as opposed to writing them in one of her novels. And yet, I was disappointed that she still manages to fulfill every single cliché rather than avoid them! For example, never ever agree to meet a murderer/kidnapper/psycho without police back-up! I thought the fact she was a mystery writer would mean she would catch on a bit quicker to the killer’s plans, but she was pretty slow to put things together. Probably the one feature of the book I would have liked to change.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: The Love and Murder Series, book 2. I never read book 1, and had no problems following along.

Should you read it? If you’re looking for a book with a little intrigue, then hell yes!  Plus, who doesn’t like a little romance mixed in as well?

Smut Level: There is some really hot foreplay, but the sex act itself was usually glossed over.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $4.99 Kindle Price. The Wild Rose Press, Inc. 302 Pages.

Have a Little Faith by Michele Solano

This book made me want to visit Wyoming. That’s saying something! Up until now I’ve always thought of Wyoming as one of those square-shaped states somewhere in the middle of the US. Also, can we all just sit and appreciate the cover art for a moment. Ah. Okay, thanks, moving on.

What’s it About? 


Alexandra Orsini loved her life in Seattle. Owner of her own financial advisory firm, enjoying all of the spoils the city has to offer, the last place she expected to be was on a ranch in the middle of Wyoming. But when her mentor calls in a favor to ask her to help out his oldest friends save their ranch called Michaels Mob, she simply can’t say no. Alex was ready to help a failing business, was ready for the challenge of the mid-western countryside, but she was not ready for Clayton Michaels. An angry cowboy, and father of two, seems hellbent on saving his ranch on his own. He got his family into this mess, and he’s too proud to let anyone help him, let alone some big city accountant who knows nothing of life on a ranch. Urban passion meets country pride in this story of family, devotion, and love. Can the cowboy get out of his own way to let the city girl help him? Will the fire that ignites between these two burn bright enough to save the Michaels Mob, or will it burn it to the ground?

First Impressions

Alright, Clay is almost too talented. He used to be a well-known bull rider, he can sing, play the guitar, sculpt with metal, and is an amazing lover. He’s also a loving father, and a cowboy. However, he isn’t perfect! He might just be one of the moodiest male characters I’ve ever come across. He has a crazy temper, pouts like a 6-year-old, doesn’t share his feelings, and either wants to fight or have sex when he gets all riled up. That’s a recipe for some intense sex scenes right there, that’s what that is.

How About…

The absolute best part of this book was Clay’s kids, Colt and Cam. They are so freakin’ adorable I think my biological clock actually thought about ticking. Cam especially was a delight with his constant negotiating to get his way by employing the phrase, “Okay, but how about…”, you sing one more song, she stays just a bit longer, etc.


Clay’s kids may have been adorable, but his relationship with Alex was pretty frustrating. They really butted heads at first, and he’s so stubborn in not wanting to accept any of her help after he made such a stupid mistake to get the family’s ranch in trouble. Not only did his moods fluctuate, but so did Alex’s strength. At first she shied away from Clay’s temper, but then she decided to stand up to him; she’d have a panic attack over a corrupt businessman foiling her attempts to save the ranch in one scene, but then call the Feds on him in the next. Towards the end of the novel she even broke down and begged on her knees for Clay not to leave her. Come on woman! Channel your inner Amazonian, and be someone we can all look up to.

A Fizzling Intensity

The arrival of city-girl Alex on a Wyoming ranch was pretty interesting, and the end of the novel was quite dramatic to the point where I got fidgety wondering what was going to happen. The middle though was a bit boring at times. Probably had something to do with Alex and Clay having the exact same repetitive and rambling arguments over and over again. Let’s move on people! The end does get pretty intense as outside forces meddle with Alex and Clay’s attempts to save the ranch. Everything sort of builds up to a point where you wonder whether good or evil will prevail, and then things just kind of fizzle out into nothing. I was expecting some kind of big final climax or confrontation, but it never really comes.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Michaels’ Mob series, book 1. If book 2 follows Clay’s best friend Jace I will definitely give it a try. I have a feeling that man is a walking sex fiend.

Should you read it? It was definitely an interesting story, as you wonder how they’ll be able to save the ranch, and if Alex will give up her city life for Clay and his boys. It was frustrating at times though when Clay kept trying to push Alex away.

Smut Level: Their 1st sex scene was by far the best. They are in the middle of a heated argument, screaming at each other, when their passion ignites. After that they have some mild love scenes which aren’t described in too much detail.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Self-Published. 358 Pages.

Cowboy on the Run by Devon McKay

Well hello there cowboy. Meet me behind the barn in about 10 minutes. Ah hell, make it 5.

What’s it About? 


Running from a final fight with his drunk and abusive father, Nate had never planned to return to the town where the only good thing had been a brunette beauty with more compassion than he deserved. But finding himself on a ranch for boys facing the same issues not only taught him how to be a man, it taught him that there was more to life than running. Nate Walker always did know how to make an entrance, once again turning Jessie Calhoun’s routine life upside down. Unfortunately, he’d also had the same impact when he left her mending a broken heart in a cloud of dust and tail lights. But this time would be different. No longer that gullible, naive girl he left behind, she’d be a fool to fall under his spell again. Especially now that she had more at stake–two very important reasons.

First Impressions

All I can tell you is that if this cowboy tried to run away from me, he wouldn’t get very far. I’d chase right after him. Humina yumina. But in this novel Nate did run away, and the reasons for his flight are a little murky. All we do know is that he was a troubled teen, and that he’s back in town for his dad’s funeral. He’s also determined to win back Jessie, the love of his life. Little does he know that when he hit the road all those years ago he left Jessie pregnant. With twins. Because, you know, one kid wouldn’t have been enough of a shock.

Back to the Humina Yumina

Nate gives me a new appreciation for the whole cowboy thing. He’s like, a naughty, bad boy cowboy, which I can totally get behind. Mix in the fact that he’s a jealous and possessive alpha male determined to get Jessie out of her cut off jeans and cowgirl boots, and I’m officially entertained. Although, I have noticed an interesting trait when it comes to cowboy themed romance novels. Have you ever noticed that at some point in the story the cowboy and the heroine will undoubtedly get down and dirty while one or the both of them attempts to cool off in a pond/river/stream. They’re just out there in the open, putting on an X-rated show for their ponies. Have they no sense of propriety?


A Captivating Story


It definitely keeps your interest. Nate is constantly fighting the urge to run, but he simultaneously feels the need to prove to Jessie that he can be a loving father. She in turn struggles with trusting him again, especially now that her twins are involved. I do think another layer of depth could have been added to the storyline if we were provided with more background as to Nate’s past. We know that his mother died, but we don’t really know how. In addition, he obviously had a strained relationship with his father which revolved around alcohol, but we never find out the final straw which pushed Nate to run. Was his father abusive?

There was some mystery and intrigue, but it could have used some work. Weird stuff starts happening on Jessie’s ranch: her steers are killed, there’s a stampede, a multitude of snakes show up, her barn is set on fire, Nate is almost driven off the road, and they all think it’s just some crazy coincidence. Seriously? Wake up and smell the cow manure already! These events are linked, and someone wants Jessie off her land. I wish the intrigue had been more hidden and discreet so that the big reveal at the end was actually a surprise. When they finally got around to the climax, I was like, “Well, duh!”


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Stand-alone

Should you read it? If you like cowboys, then I would say you darn tootin’ better give this one a go. However, if you prefer army men then I would say to pick up Her Soldier’s Touch by J.M. Stewart. The storylines are crazy similar, with a good mix of romance and suspense in both. It’s really just a cowboy vs. military man debate.

Smut Level: Delightful amount of sexual tension and some intense makeout sessions. The sex itself wasn’t too descriptive though.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $4.99 Kindle Price. The Wild Rose Press Inc. 266 Pages.

Dearest Darling by Andrea Downing

In my most recent reader survey, someone mentioned that they would like to see more western historical romances on my blog, specifically with cowboys. Well…here ya go!

What’s it About?


Stuck in a life of servitude to her penny-pinching brother, Emily Darling longs for a more exciting existence. When a packet with travel tickets, meant for one Ethel Darton, accidentally lands on her doormat, Emily sees a chance for escape. Having turned down the dreary suitors that have come her way, is it possible a new existence also offers a different kind of man? Daniel Saunders has carved out a life for himself in Wyoming—a life missing one thing: a wife. Having scrimped and saved to bring his mail-order bride from New York, he is outraged to find in her stead a runaway fraud. Even worse, the impostor is the sister of his old enemy. But people are not always as they seem, and sometimes the heart knows more than the head.

First Impressions

Short and sweet is the name of the game. It’s a brief novella which only took me about 1.5 hours to finish, and I think that included a coffee break. It also ends with an, “Aw, ain’t that sweet” kind of feeling. At first, I was worried that the book would only focus on the budding romance between Emily and Daniel, and completely forget about poor Ethel waiting in New York for her train tickets. Thankfully, Ethel remains a heavy focus of the story, and she isn’t just swept aside. Daniel remains torn throughout the majority of the novel between his growing feelings of love for Emily, and his sense of duty to the woman back in New York who he’s never met.

I Wanted More!

Novellas are a tricky thing. I love that they are short, and I can knock out a few in one day. On the other hand, it either feels like the characters fell in love too quickly, or that something from the story is missing. In the case of Dearest Darling, the quick romance was addressed very well, but it would have been beneficial to have more of a back story for both lead characters.


At the start of the novella, Emily is fed up living like a servant for her brother, Wilfred. Seriously? Wilfred? Such an unfortunate name. Anyway, when a package meant for someone else arrives on her doorstep, Emily’s ticket to freedom is literally at her feet. And she takes it. The problem is that when she arrives in Wyoming she basically gets right back into the swing of things by acting like a servant for Daniel. She mends his clothes, cleans his house, cooks his food, etc. Not much has changed. Sure, she eventually gets the added bonus of hot sex with a cowboy, but I think we would have connected with her character on a deeper level if we’d been offered a more in-depth look into how terrible her life was under her brother’s roof.


Daniel was an interesting character in his own right. I never thought I would condone a man’s decision to find a mail-order bride, but by God if this book didn’t accomplish that feat. The description of his loneliness living in the wide open plains of Wyoming was so easy to picture, and heartbreaking enough that you could really understand why this puppy dog of a cowboy went to such lengths to find a companion. However, that’s his present, and I wanted to know more about his past. Why did he choose to move from New York to Wyoming? We know that he was expelled from school, but what drove him to change his life so drastically? Did he have no family back East? Is anybody listening?

Disney was Right

It really is a small world after all. For a city as big as New York, everyone seems to know each other. Not only did Daniel and Wilfred go to school together, but he’s also the reason why Daniel was expelled in the first place. This just goes to show that nothing good can come from naming your child Wilfred. In addition, the real Ethel Darton is fairly well-known by practically everybody in town, and Emily locates her pretty easily upon her return to New York towards the end of the novel. The fact that she could do this without the help of Google Maps is completely beyond me.

Overall, this was really a sweet little romance, and Daniel is a cowboy to drool after. He’s just so darn adorable I wanna squeeze him! Although maybe that’s the puppy pic talking.

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Maybe? Love Letter Series

Should you read it? If you are looking for a quick, light-hearted read, and one preferably featuring a sexy cowboy, then I would give this one a go. It’s also interesting to see how much the mail-order bride business has changed since the late 1800s.

Smut Level: There is a fair amount of sexual tension, and just one actual sex scene which was pretty tame.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. Kindle Price: $2.99. Published by The Wild Rose Press, Inc. 82 pages