Cupid Comes to the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch by Hebby Roman

Who would have thought that a weekend which starts off as such a disaster could so quickly transform into one of romance, and dare I say even love!

What’s it About? 

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Les Springer, a widowed rancher, hasn’t stopped grieving for his wife. When three of his friends cook up a Valentine’s Day weekend at his B&B, chaos ensues. The three cowboys go to an online dating site to find matches. The only problem is, no one ends up with who they pick…almost. Jackson Coleridge, Les’ best buddy, kisses the wrong woman at the wrong time…in front of the wrong woman. Jiggs Davis, Les’ ranch foreman, gets drafted at the last minute to squire one of the matched ladies…but she’s no lady. Jayce Fulton, Les’ rodeo champion friend, tries to corral the lady no one wants…until she turns on him.

Harper Lewis, a social media guru, is divorced and thinks she’s looking for a husband…until she realizes she wants more. Can the cowboy she’s chosen meet her expectations? Lillian Mayfield, a widowed accountant turned florist, comes across as stiff and formal and still…grieving. Is she ready to open her heart and discover a new love? Cheyenne MacPherson, part Navajo and a sculptor, is dedicated to her work and feels the weekend is…one big mistake. Can a handsome cowboy change her mind? Eva González, Les’ widowed cook and housekeeper, misses her children and longs for a sense of…family. Is she ready to start a new family with the man she loves?

First Impressions

I just loved the premise of this romance with how every person was meant to be paired with someone else. Each couple really has their distinct personalities and characteristics which make their particular relationship unique from those around them. Although, I will say it definitely didn’t help that 3 of the 4 male leads had names that started with a “J”. Made it a bit tricky in the beginning to remember who exactly we were dealing with! After a while we get to know them all fairly well, and I appreciated the balance in how each couple received the appropriate amount of attention they deserved. You also can’t help but love the fact that these are handkerchief men! There are a few moments throughout the story where a few of our leading lads seem to whip out a handkerchief at just the right moment. Now, if that’s not the sign of a gentleman, then I just don’t know what is!


“Never, at any crisis of your life, have I known you to have a handkerchief.”

Online Dating Run Amuck

While I definitely enjoyed the haphazard way each couple eventually found their suitable partner, I sort of wish the impetus for what brought all these characters together was slightly different. This is one hell of a blind date when you think about! Some of these women are traveling rather lengthy distances for this romantic weekend, and the idea of four women who don’t know each other traveling to a B&B with a name out of a horror film to meet with four for men they’ve never met before…well it actually kind of sounds like the start of a horror film!


I think the one change I would have liked above everything else was if these women could have known each other and been friends before coming to the ranch. As a single woman, I don’t know if I’d travel such a long distance to go to a somewhat solitary cabin to meet with men who have seemingly put the call out for four women to come meet them for skiing and bridge over Valentine’s Day. But…then again maybe that’s why I’m single. Maybe instead if this had just been a group of girlfriends who decided to get away for a fun weekend of skiing, and then just happened to be swept away by the men on this ranch/B&B it may have felt slightly more realistic.


Speed Dating

We definitely have several whirlwind romances taking place over this one Valentine’s weekend! There were a few moments throughout the book where you can’t help but question if our couples are moving too quickly in their search of love. The fact that these characters spend approximately four days together, and by the end some are openly declaring their love makes you wonder if these couples will still be together a month from now, let alone a year. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I wasn’t as bothered by these expeditious tales of love as I probably would have been if we’d been dealing with couples in their mid-twenties.


Practically all of these couples are in their 40s or 50s, and most have found love before. They know what it feels like to fall in love, and they can recognize when someone is special. For most of the people presented here they quickly acknowledge that what they feel for the person in front of them is something strong and unique. In some cases it’s reminiscent of what they felt for a past love, and in others it’s something stronger than anything they’ve felt before. Now granted, not everyone is ready to walk down the aisle by the end of the weekend. Some just seem willing to see where this new relationship will lead, whereas others are willing to make big moves and changes in their lives. Again, it was nice to see that not everyone fit into the same mold.


My Favorite Couple?

There are a number of cute couples to enjoy here, but if I had to choose my favorite it would probably be Les and Lilly.  They are clearly drawn to each other, yet both find themselves pretty consistently referencing their deceased spouses. The romance which develops between them might not be the steamiest, or one which receives the most attention when all was said and done. That being said, I think the message which was shared from their romance was my favorite of the bunch. Seeing as all of these couples are older than your typical romance novel lead characters, it’s not just the fact they’re in their 50s that makes their romance unique. Nor is it the fact that both have been married before, and are just now taking the chance to open up their hearts again to someone new. Rather, the aspect of their relationship which I found the most compelling was that in those moments where they couldn’t help but reference a memory from their late-spouse, the other person encouraged them to discuss it.


Neither was made to feel guilty for bringing up their beloved on several occasions, and they were never pressured to “move on”. Both of these characters could understand the difficulty of losing the love of your life, as well as the undeniable fact that some scenarios they encounter or places they’ll go will undoubtedly remind them of their wife or husband. While many people would view this constant remembrance of a previous loved one as an annoying or troubling characteristic, for Lilly she actually saw it as a representation of how devoted Les could feel for another person. It was something to be celebrated. You can tell that Les feels a slight sense of embarrassment over the fact that he brings up his late wife on several occasions, but instead of reprimanding him for it, Lilly actually encourages him to share the memories of his wife. He also does the same when it comes to the few times Lilly is reminded of her deceased husband, Doug. Both can acknowledge that they were in love with these people, and even though they’re gone, their memories live on. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or try to hide.

Nights In Rodanthe

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Stand-alone. Since finishing I keep going back and forth debating whether or not I would have liked to see each romance broken out into its own novel. It would have allowed us to get to know each couple on a deeper level, but I also don’t know if the premise of how they came together could have held up if we had four individual books. Maybe another 100 pages would have been great!

Final Impressions: Could there have been maybe one less couple involved? Mayyyybe. I did enjoy how different each couple was, but at times it almost seemed like we may have been dealing with too much back and forth between our various characters. Especially considering we’re dealing with under 250 pages, to have four distinct couples was definitely a lot. I also found it a bit hard to get behind the premise of four solo females agreeing to travel to an oddly named B&B to meet four men they’ve never met over Valentine’s Day weekend to possibly find romance. That being said, we do have plenty of cute stories at work here, and you come to appreciate their struggles, their hesitancies, but also their undeniable connections.

Smut Level: Some of the relationships have some heat to their stories. These folks may have just met, but that doesn’t prevent some from getting a bit…handsy…at the dinner table 😉 Nothing overly detailed or outrageous though!

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Love Me Only by Hebby Roman

From the elegant ballrooms of Mexico City, to the mosquito-filled swamps of the jungle, this novel takes us on an adventure to discover the wild unknowns in Mexico’s mountains.

What’s it About? 


A stranger in a strange land, her father murdered, Diana McFarland must protect her father’s secret formula, the only legacy she has. One thing stands in her way–darkly handsome Seguin Torres, a man who wants the formula for himself. For Seguin, the formula is a way to avenge himself against the man who stole his birthright, but convincing Diana to part with it will prove almost as difficult as resisting his attraction to her. Betrayed by his family, Seguin doesn’t believe in love and marriage. As Mexico erupts into civil war, Seguin is honor-bound to protect Diana from his unscrupulous stepfather and the ravages of war. But their flight across the war-torn countryside is fraught with danger, as well as the challenge of their growing passion. Can Seguin get Diana to safety and let her go, or will their love overcome all the dangers and change Seguin’s heart?

First Impression

Arriving in a new city where you don’t really speak the language can be a challenge. Arriving in that city to discover that your father has been murdered, and that his scarred killer is still on the loose with some unsavory stalkerish tendencies? Ummmm yeah where the hell can I book the fastest train outta here? Let’s make it snappy people!! Thankfully for everyone, our heroine proves to be braver than I, as she sticks around in Mexico to try and discover what happened to her father. This is when the devilishly handsome former business partner of her father comes into play. Can she trust this man who seems dedicated to protecting her? Or did he have a hand in killing her father to get at his secret silver mining formula? Such intrigue. This historical drama definitely draws you in from the get-go, as we see Diana navigate through this new world which can be lavish yet harsh at the same time. The fact she’s a woman in a man’s world makes her all the braver. By the end of the novel though, we find ourselves venturing into a completely different and uncharted territory. Quite literally.



Murder and Mining Mayhem

Looking at this book as a whole, it almost seems to be two separate books thrown into one. In the first half, we see the immediate repercussions and mystery surrounding the murder of Diana’s father, as well as her attempts to stand up for herself and her mother in the face of the dashing Seguin. He’s intent on purchasing her father’s silver mining formula, and after a series of unfortunate circumstances Diana is the only one who knows her father’s formula by memory. I must say I absolutely adored the scenes where we get to see Diana and Seguin go head to head over the formula. They seem like equals in smarts, tenacity, and their simmering sexual attraction doesn’t hurt things too much either.

Catherine Zeta-Jones And Antonio Banderas In Romantic Mood-720x405

A Stroll Through the Mountains

I must say I did prefer the first half of the novel more than the latter half where we see Seguin, Diana, and a small group of friends wade through the unknown dangers of the jungle in an attempt to escape back to America following an outbreak of war in the city. The fact that the murderer is hot on their heels, not to mention the man who orchestrated the whole thing (Seguin’s stepfather) is also in tow makes their journey all the more desperate. Although this is the part of the novel where Diana and Seguin give in to their lustful inhibitions, it’s also where we get a lot of scenes with a lot of walking. And walking. And having sex on a sacrificial altar in an abandoned ancient city. And more walking.


It was at this point where I even had to think back and ask, wait, how did this story start again? Oh right, father’s murder. While everything does eventually come full circle at the last possible moment of the book, I couldn’t help but feel that as a whole the various story lines at play were a tad disjointed. While I don’t think the book necessarily has to be split into two separate novels completely, I think a few less jungle wandering scenes, and maybe even a distinct marker for Part 1: the City and Part 2: the Wild could have helped things. It may have better prepared the reader for the fact we were switching gears to a vastly different landscape that juxtaposes the comforts and opulence from part one. Just a thought!


Miss Independent

Another surprising feature of this novel which was divided in two was the romance. We don’t get just one love story, but two! The first is obviously between Seguin and Diana. Both try to hold off on delving deeper into their initial attraction to each other. For Diana, not only had her father just died, but she wonders if Seguin has something to do with it. Kind of understandable why she’d be hesitant to try anything more. When it comes to Seguin, well he’s basically distrustful of all women. Normally when we see this in a romance it’s because of a former failed relationship with a lover. In his case, it instead had to do with his failed relationship with his mother, which they were never able to fully mend before her death. Complicated is an understatement.

Lord John Grey Claire Fraser Outlander 312

It’s when we transition to the jungle trek that both Seguin and Diana decide they can’t keep their hands off each other anymore. While I’m always a fan of a good ole romp, I must say I preferred their earlier flirtations in the city. Early on in the novel, Diana has spunk, sass, and the cojones to stand up to Seguin. In the latter half though we see Diana become increasingly dependent on Seguin, and even takes to begging him to “love me only”. Not gonna lie, I missed her tenacity and sense of independence.


Switching Back and Forth

Our second romance is between Diana’s best friend, Sarah, and Seguin’s half-brother, Gilberto. This had more of the feeling of a classic historical romance. They fall quickly for each other after dancing at a ball, and he must prove that he only has eyes for Sarah. Even if it seems every other woman in the city has eyes for him. It’s practically swoon worthy! But here was my problem with it. I can’t say it was entirely necessary. At least, it could have been incorporated more methodically into the story. When the novel starts we are so enraptured with what might develop between Diana and Seguin, but when Diana is forced to bed rest following a rib injury, we suddenly switch gears completely to focusing on Sarah and Gilberto instead. Our other couple essentially disappears from the story completely to the point where I wondered if we’d even see a conclusion to their tale.


When we do eventually switch focus back to Seguin and Diana’s relationship, then we see our other couple get pushed to the background. It’s almost like they couldn’t completely coexist, though I will say the love story between Sarah and Gilberto does have implications on all of our characters, and the progression of the story. However, I think I almost would have preferred if maybe the focus had instead been more on Diana and Seguin, as well as our half-brothers trying to mend their troubled relationship. Then at the end we could have had an insinuation that Sarah and Gilberto were googly eyes for each other. It may have helped to create a more cohesive story, rather than having two love stories taking place in one book.


An Enchanting Landscape

There were two aspects of this novel which completely fascinated me. The first dealt with the historical aspect. This is definitely the first romance novel I’ve ever read which has focused on this time period in history, and it definitely caught my interest. The main reason being, I had zero idea what really came to pass during that time in Mexico’s history, so I had no idea how the historical events could possibly impact the rest of the story. It wasn’t like reading a romance set during the Civil War or WWII, where I know the standard start and end dates, as well as the general progression of the battle timeline. In this case though? It was a total learning process, and one that I’d love to research more fully. Personally I blame my high school’s lack of world history courses. I remember there was only one Global History course offered during my entire high school career, and it conflicted with my French class. Sooooo, yeah, I need to brush up on my history of Mexico.


The other feature of the novel which was described to perfection was the landscape. I could practically taste the champagne of the royal ball, feel the itch of the mosquitoes from the swamp, and feel the exhaustion of climbing through the countryside. It’s easy to get lost in the description of each scene, as you can picture the beauty and harsher aspects of the setting. Hell, when Diana and Seguin come across an abandoned city in the midst of the jungle you can practically feel the cold stone of the sacrificial altar digging into your back when Seguin worships Diana’s body in the physical sense. Oh my, definitely need to fan myself off here a moment.



*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Stand-Alone

Should you read it? While I did prefer the first half of the novel, everything does come together for an exciting climax. The historical period of the book was fascinating, and I’m simply intrigued to learn more. Although I’m definitely a fan of romance, I think I would have preferred one less romantic story line here so that more of a focus was on Diana and Seguin. As it stands, there was almost a conflict of sorts in the middle of the book for who the main characters actually are. Replacing that second romance with a focus on Gilberto and Seguin fixing their strained relationship is something I might have preferred to see.

Smut Level: Sarah and Gilberto have a few passionate kisses, and an eventual quick love scene in a thatched hut. Diana and Seguin definitely heat things up a bit, with a descriptive make-out scene in a mining vault, and even a rough coupling on a sacrificial altar. Proving once and for all that even historical romances can have a slightly raunchy side.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Estrella Publishing. 353 Pages.

LuAnn and the Latin Lover by Hebby Roman

Step back ladies and gentlemen! We have a man who likes to snuggle here!!

What’s it About? 


LuAnn Sparks and Joaquin Sandoval were childhood friends; his parents were employed by LuAnn’s family. LuAnn, born to wealthy parents, marries well and leads a privileged lifestyle until she loses her husband and their money. Joaquin is a bad-boy, Harley-riding rebel whose clever invention makes him an overnight millionaire. Reunited after more than twenty-five years apart, they still care for each other. But LuAnn is trying to put her life back together. And Joaquin is determined to obtain custody of his eight-year-old daughter. Can an up-tight socialite and a tattooed-biker find a forever-after-kind of love and forge a new family together?

First Impressions

This book is all about first impressions…for the second time! LuAnn and Joaquin haven’t seen each other for over 25 years, and upon reuniting we see Joaquin first appear in a sleeveless, black mesh see-through muscle shirt. And black leather pants. At a wedding. Certainly takes casual beach wedding attire to a whole new level! Not only is this book all about first impressions and appearances, but it’s also about how inaccurate they can be. Joaquin is a tattooed, pierced, muscle man who used to be LuAnn’s father’s servant. LuAnn quickly makes assumptions about how those features could reflect not only on his financial circumstances, but also his outlook on life and love. However, she’s not the only one to judge a book by it’s cover.


Joaquin does the same, as he remembers her from when they were younger; living in a big house, and marrying young to a wealthy man. She lived in a world where outward appearance reflected wealth and pretension. But as they take a chance on each other romantically, they eventually discover that appearance isn’t everything. This is especially true in the fact that their financial circumstances have literally been reversed. It also goes to show that they thought they knew each other based on their few interactions from years and years ago. Only when they actually spend time together now, sharing aspects of their lives do they truly start to understand each other.


Taking Advantage of Second Chances

Hot damn! I will say this was definitely the sexiest book of the series. Joaquin is surprised by how responsive LuAnn is to his touch. She’s pretty shocked too. Hell, I think we all were! Joaquin is the first man LuAnn has been attracted to since the death of her husband. She wants him, and their mutual sexual attraction is obvious, but she’s also worried about getting naked in front of him at her age. Joaquin on the other hand has wanted her since he knew what it was to want a woman. He’s not going to let this opportunity to finally get LuAnn in his bed pass him by, yet he’s also sensitive enough to realize that he doesn’t want to push her beyond her comfort level. Instead he chooses to take things at her own pace, which I really appreciated.


An Unexplored History

These two have a history together, and it’s something that I wish had been explored just a bit further, as I think it could have helped us connect with their reunion even more. LuAnn mentions how she always felt a closer connection to Joaquin rather than his brother, who was actually closer to her in age. Joaquin was apparently more fun, but we’re never really given any examples of that.


We do hear how he saved her life from a pack of feral dogs back in the day, so it’s definitely understandable how she would have felt indebted to him for that. I just would have liked to see another side to their previous friendship, as well as further understand the dynamic of him working for her family. Personally, I think a flashback would have really served the story well here, and could have provided us with a unique literary device that hasn’t been used in any of the former books.

A Rush to Forever

Joaquin and LuAnn are both very quick to judge each other. You can definitely understand it at the start considering they really don’t know each other that well after having spent so many years apart. People change, yet both are sort of clinging to those prior impressions of each other from their youth. After a while you can tell they are both seriously considering spending their lives together, yet they still cling to some of those initial false assumptions and impressions. I sort of felt that they were almost rushing their relationship at times to take things to the next level before they really got to know each other now. There’s nothing wrong with dating for a while here people!


There’s also a lot of drama going on in each of their lives beyond just their relationship. Yet another reason to make sure you’re not rushing into a lifelong relationship! Both have had a rough go of things in life. LuAnn’s husband has died, and she has lost all of her former wealth. Joaquin has experienced the loss of loved ones, yet loves his young daughter with all his heart and is desperate to get sole custody of her. The drama with Joaquin’s daughter was by far the most powerful story line of the novel. His daughter was quite adorable, and I think I would have liked one or two more scenes involving her, Joaquin and LuAnn as a group rather than having her referenced more in the background.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Snowbirds, book 3. A good addition to the series. I always enjoy when we get a chance to glimpse the characters from the previous novels. It’s also great that we get to see older couples who are choosing to take risks later on in life, and sometimes even start their lives over completely.

Should you read it? We have an interesting exploration of appearances and second chances. Joaquin and LuAnn have desired each other, and they don’t want to let this opportunity to reunite pass them by. In spite of their shared history, I think they did kind of rush the idea of a happily ever after together. This rush into a serious relationship also did seem to result in them jumping to conclusions or rash assumptions about the other fairly often. I think all in all it was because they were still getting to know each other, while also dealing with outside stressful factors at the same time.

Smut Level: This book is steamy! Joaquin and LuAnn both live in RV’s next-door to each other. This means we’re dealing with close quarters and plenty of cramped spaces to engage in a good ole bump and grind.

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Esmeralda and the Second-Hand Suitor by Hebby Roman

This novel taught me a very valuable lesson. Apparently, I have been misspelling the name “Esmeralda” ever since I first saw the Hunchback of Notre Dame cartoon over 20 years ago. 20 years of thinking it was “Esmerelda” instead of “Esmeralda”. Oh, it also teaches that it’s never too late to fall in love, but still. The whole name thing really left me shook.

What’s it About? 


What’s a forty-year-old virgin doing in a predicament like this? Looking for a husband because her late father’s will decrees she must marry or forfeit her orchard, her only means of support. Hank McCall, as a perspective husband, leaves a great deal to be desired—he’s twice divorced and older than Esmeralda. Scarred by their pasts and challenged by the gap in their ages, Esmeralda and Hank struggle with their new-found relationship. But when Hank is faced with losing Esmeralda or surrendering to her yearning to have a real family, their fates hang in the balance.

First Impressions

Personally, I could really identify with Esmeralda’s rather cynical approach to dating. It was almost like I’d found a kindred spirit in her pessimism! Upon first meeting Hank she immediately focuses in on the negative things about him. He’s older than she would have liked; he’s twice-divorced; he jokes about how he’s bad with the stock market, etc. Why does he seem so interested in her? It must be because he’s after something. Perhaps he’s enamored with her money. He must be a fortune hunter! Phew!! That’s a lot of cynicism to cram into a first impression.


I think for many people their default assumption in regards to Esme would be that she must be bitchy or catty to not even give him a chance. But that’s so far from the truth here people! Her obsession with pointing out his every supposed flaw says so much more about her own character than his. It reveals her insecurity with herself. It makes her think, hey this guy is showing me attention, but why would anyone want to show me attention? I’m so plain and boring there must be something wrong with him if he wants to spend so much time with me. Girl, I feel you. A lot of us feel you. And I love it soooooo much!

The Real Hank

Esme’s first impression of Hank obviously isn’t all that positive, and she almost doesn’t give him a chance. However, it doesn’t take long for us to discover what an amazing guy Hank is, with such a loving, sensitive side to his personality. In addition, you can’t help but feel bad for the poor guy! He’s like a little puppy dog, and so patient when Esme is unsure of herself, especially in regards to their sexual relationship. Eventually Esme is able to overcome her own insecurities, and comes to trust Hank for who he truly is. But our tale of romance can’t just end there!


When Esme starts to feel like she can take a leap with Hank the fortunes of fate turn the tables, and Hank starts to question if he can trust Esme considering she kept the terms of her father’s will a secret from him. When he discovers she must marry someone within the next week or risk losing half of her orchard to her cousin, Hank wonders whether or not Esme truly loves him for him, or for the fact that he could be the answer to her financial woes. I will say at times their constant back and forth of should they or shouldn’t they started to get a bit tiring, but it also goes to show that new romances can be full of questions and second-guessing.

An Exploration of Intimacy

Technically we never actually have a scene where these two have intercourse. That being said, holy Toledo are they smokin’ hot. Esme is basically exploring her sexuality for the first time ever, as Hank is finally someone she feels a modicum of comfort with in regards to intimacy. Yes, this means she is a virgin. Yes, she is 40 years old. Yes, they both make reference to the fact that this counters the film 40 year old virgin. And yes, I did giggle with that delightful little quip.


In my mind, this aspect is what actually cemented my positive opinion of Hank. It wasn’t just that he didn’t want to pressure a woman into entering a sexual relationship with him before she felt ready. Instead, it was that he didn’t feel the need to either pressure her to give up her virginity, or on the flip side feel the need to bolt in the other direction when faced with the pressure of deflowering a 40 year old virgin. He chose to stand by her, and go at her own pace. Hank never made her feel guilty for taking things slow, or weird over the fact she’s never had sex at her age. You a good dude Hank. Cue the slow approving head nod.


The Villainous Hector

One aspect of the novel that I wish had been explored a bit further was Esme’s relationship with her cousin, Hector. This is the man who will inherit half of her orchard if she fails to marry someone three years after the death of her father. All things considered, Hector’s a pretty important character, yet we really only get 2 short scenes featuring him. I would have liked to further explore his relationship not only with Esme’s father, but with Esme herself. What is it that brought such animosity between them, and why could they not come together and overcome it as family? Was it solely tied to Hector’s greed? His drinking? It could have added an extra layer of depth to the story if we’d been given more of a chance to explore Hector and Esme’s past together.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Snowbirds, book 2. It was nice to get a continued glimpse of the couple from book 1, as well as an introduction to our heroine for book 3.

Should you read it? This is a tale of a quick romance. Hank and Esme really don’t know each other that long, but they are quite open with each other in regards to their pasts. At times, there was almost too much detail about setting up IRAs, investments, and Esme’s natural gas deposits. Definitely informative, but also kind of distracting from the “A” story. It’s still a sweet romance though showing that it’s never too late for people to find each other, and have their dreams come true.

Smut Level: Goodness gracious! These two have some passion!! They kiss, pant, rub, grab, moan, and suckle some things too. Quite nice.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Estrella Publishing. 189 Pages.


Catalina and the Winter Texan by Hebby Roman

Hot damn! Who knew two grown ass adults could have the libido and sexual stamina of two horny teenagers? Bow chica wow wow.

What’s it About?


Catalina Reyes has sacrificed everything to own a beach-front recreational vehicle Park. Widowed and struggling, her Park falls on hard times and needs extensive renovations to stay open.

When Manuel Batista, a widowed and successful contractor rents a slot at the Park, he’s immediately attracted to Catalina and captivated by her fiery spirit and determination. Manuel helps Catalina to renovate her Park. Working together, their relationship sizzles, but Catalina realizes Manuel will return north after the winter. Unwilling to start a long-distance relationship after a painful breakup in her previous marriage, she must learn to trust again.

Can they overcome Catalina’s fears and bridge the gap of hundreds of miles between their homes and families to find a second chance at love?

First Impressions

At first, I didn’t really know what to expect having two lead characters who were, how to say, a bit past their prime? After all, we’ve all seen the Cialis commercials. I was kind of worried whether or not Manny would be able to…perform adequately. Turns out it definitely wasn’t a problem! He’s sporting an erection within about 30 seconds of his first meeting with Cat as she’s bending over looking for something. You go boy! No little pills needed for you.


The Past

What’s really interesting about this book is how both Cat and Manny’s pasts come to have a major influence on their current relationship. With her first husband, Nieto, Cat threw herself into managing the Park. They grew apart over time, and she blames herself for his eventual philandering.


For Manny, he had numerous affairs whilst married to his wife. They tried to work things out, but her untimely death meant that things were never fully resolved between them. Manny has taken a vow of celibacy for years as an act of contrition. When he and Cat finally start to hit it off, he feels he must be honest with her about his own past before they start a physical relationship. Although Manny swears he is a changed man, we see how Cat’s relationship with her first husband makes her wary to trust Manny completely.

Chemistry and Frustration

These two really do belong together. Both are rather old-fashioned in how they approach dating, which is just adorable. They also have a definite chemistry filled with electricity and sexual tension.


Cat and Manny are also mighty stubborn. They can quickly make unwarranted assumptions about the other, and say some pretty hurtful things by using the mistakes from their pasts against each other. Which is kind of unfair. They’re also prone to keeping their true feelings hidden inside. See what I mean? Meant for each other! Come on now folks, let’s try and share.

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Snowbirds, book 1. I do wonder what will happen next between these two. Will Catalina give up her Park and move back with Manny to Chicago, or will he leave his carpentry business and family behind to move down South for good?

Should you read it? I love how this book demonstrates that older couples don’t necessarily have all the answers when it comes to relationships. They too can make mistakes. However, they can also still find true love, even if it’s for the second time.

Smut Level: These two manage to make a Texan winter even hotter.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $2.99 Kindle Price. Estrella Books. 150 Pages.