Hands on the Wheel by Margaret Harlowe

We’ve got a woman craving after the trucker lifestyle, not to mention a sexy cowboy steering that big rig of a semi. Ladies and gents, start your engines!

What’s it About? 29333229


Sara knew Hank was trouble from the get-go. Delicious trouble. His metallic purple Kenworth sparkled in the Wyoming sunshine. When he sauntered into the Flying Bison Grill, pulling his worn cowboy hat lower on his forehead, Hank looked way too good in those Wranglers. Of all the times for Richard, Sara’s unpredictable ex-husband, to show up. Soon she was desperate to get out of town. Hank was willing to help her – for a price.

First Impressions

This book really did have a unique, one-of-a-kind story line that I personally have never come across before. Our two leads are sort of past their prime at over 40 years of age, with Hank even starting to go bald. Poor handsome man. However, that doesn’t stop them from embarking on a wild and crazy sex road trip together. Let this be a lesson to ya, multiple orgasms might not be entirely out of reach, even if you’re starting to sport a few grey hairs. These two also enjoy a bit of light kink, with spanking and sex toys on every leg of their journey. Maybe they’re eligible for a senior discount?


Follow Your Dreams

What I really enjoyed about this book was that it shows you don’t have to give up on your dreams; they are always within reach. Sara has always been envious of the truckers who come through her one horse town on their way to far-off and exciting places. She’s had the urge to hit the open road herself, and it just takes one slightly kinky cowboy to agree to show her the ropes before that dream becomes a reality.


Hank also helps Sara realize that she is still desirable. After surviving a battle with breast cancer and an abusive ex, Sara is wary to start anything new and put her desires out there. Her jagged scar on her breast makes her think no man will ever find her sexually attractive. Hank, on the other hand, only sees her beauty. Throw in her waitress uniform and a sexy pair of f*ck me heels, and the two are inseparable.

Sex and Exes

There were two elements of this novel that I think could have been carried out differently. Firstly, there was a lot of sexy kink in this novel. Which is great! You get on with your bad self, Sara!! However, I felt like there was almost too much of a focus on Sara’s sexual awakening, especially in the second half of the novel, which sort of detracted from the fact that she is now out in the world discovering new places. So much of the story seemed to take place in the cab of Hank’s semi, rather than drawing in the landscape of the majestic South West.


The second element I wish would have come together differently was the story surrounding Sara’s ex-husband, Richard. He has come back to town to harass and stalk her, as well as threaten her with something far worse. Richard is also the third point of view in the novel, and it seems the entire thing is leading towards one final confrontation between Sara, Richard and Hank. But it never comes! Kind of disappointing that he just sort of wanders off.

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Stand-alone

Should you read it? I think the story could have been taken one step further beyond sex, but the underlying theme is still an important one. It might be difficult to move on from one’s past, but you can still find love no matter your age. And someone to teach you new things!

Smut Level: We need to practice road safety here people. If she’s sitting on his lap steering the big rig, and he’s distracting her by moving her skirt up higher, stroking her thighs and nibbling her ear lobe, then who the hell is controlling the gas pedals?! Do trucks even have those?! Keep your hands on the wheel woman!!

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