Last Call by Olivia Brynn

Holy hell what some people will do with complete strangers that they just met. This book was sexy, full of questionable drunken decisions, and juicy details of the repercussions.last call

Joanne is having a rough day. She lost her job, her boyfriend broke up with her, and she has to move out of her apartment. So what does she do? Why, what any normal warm-blooded human would do of course. She decides to get totally smashed. After ingesting her body weight in alcohol she decides it might be best to call her brother for a ride home.

Eric Layton is a fireman. A hot fireman. Duh. He’s enjoying his night off duty by catching up on some much needed sleep when his cell phone rings. Thinking it’s his chief summoning him to help with a fire he lunges for his phone. Imagine his surprise when instead of his chief he hears a drunken young woman asking for her brother to pick her up from a bar. Because of his sworn oath as a fireman to protect those in need (yeah, you’re not fooling us with that excuse), he decides to go and pick the young woman up and drive her home.

When these two meet Joanne thinks her brother has sent one of his friends to pick her up, so she immediately trusts the handsome stranger offering to give her a ride home. Eric is amused by this highly inebriated female, and for some reason refuses to reveal that she simply dialed the wrong number. I’m sure that won’t come back to bight him in the ass (hmm, interesting prospect). We are meant to believe that he is inexplicably drawn to her. I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to call bull crap. He only starts to have “feelings” for her when she bends over outside her car window and her ass is put on full display. So he takes her home, she throws up, and after sleeping for a few hours she suddenly gets the urge to engage in some sexual activities with the handsome slab of fireman cuddling up next to her. Silly me, I thought that after you throw up from drinking an inordinate amount of alcohol you want to limit your movements as much as possible. Apparently it just makes Joanne horny as hell.

Now the smut in this book is certainly hot, and it’s somewhat comforting that Eric at least verified with Joanne that she wouldn’t feel used, or have any regrets come morning. However, as far as their “relationship” is concerned, I must admit I don’t think they stand a snowball’s chance in┬áBermuda of lasting more than a month. Pure lust, nothing more. Is there anything wrong with that? Nah, go ahead and wet your whistle for all I care, or fire hose for that matter. What can I say though, I think it would have been a bit more enjoyable if they had connected on something other than a purely physical level. That being said, it’s a quick and sexy read, shouldn’t take more than an hour to finish, and will certainly satisfy your smutty needs for the afternoon.

Series: Nope

Should you read it: If you are looking for a quick read that doesn’t require a lot of thought, sure. If you want something where the love birds have an emotional bond and loving relationship, you might want to pick something else.

Smut Level: We’ve got a fireman here, so the temperature is guaranteed to rise.

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