Betting on Cinderella by Petie McCarty

A modern twist on a classic fairy-tale. From a devastatingly handsome Prince Charming to an enchanting, down-on-her-luck heroine. The only missing detail was a delicate glass slipper!

What’s it About?

Garrett Tucker inherits his grandfather’s casino empire and steps into the reclusive billionaire’s shoes as the “Prince of Vegas.” His first act is to buy a bankrupt casino in Biloxi. When he discovers embezzling in his new operation, Garrett goes undercover. His prime suspect is the new finance supervisor–the spitfire brunette who stole his heart at first sight.

Andi Ryan moves to Biloxi to care for her godmother and takes a job as finance supervisor for the renovated Bayou Princess casino. She discovers someone is skimming from the till and starts her own investigation, worried she will be blamed for the theft when the new owner discovers her godmother has a gambling addiction.

A rival Vegas competitor has sent a spy in to ruin the Bayou Princess, and Garrett and Andi are forced to work together to prove her innocence and discover the identity of their casino spy.

First Impressions

This sequel in the Cinderella Romances series had all of the classic fairy-tale details which were only hinted at in book one. From evil step-mother and step-sisters, to a cheery godmother, and everything culminating in a fancy gala with our female lead draped in a gorgeous sparkly blue gown. However, this isn’t simply a rehash of the story we all know and love, but rather those details are sprinkled into the bigger story being told of embezzlement and corporate espionage. I did appreciate that all of the Cinderella elements weren’t solely reserved to our heroine, Andi, but also shared equally with her Prince Charming, Garrett. While she may have been the one cursed with the villainous step-relations, Garrett was the one who was hiding the nature of his true identity from the woman with whom he was quickly falling in love. I always felt like the Prince was a secondary character at best in this particular fairy-tale, and it was refreshing to see Garrett as a primary character in his own right.

Screeching Villainesses

Once we immerse ourselves into the plot of this sequel, there were aspects that weren’t quite as successful as book one. First and foremost, it was a bit overly-complicated at times, especially in terms of some secretive behind-the-scenes plotting, and probably could have been about 100 pages shorter. In addition, while I appreciated seeing more of the classic Cinderella details, some of them were almost too over-the-top for reality. This was especially true for Andi’s step-mother and one of her step-sisters who took the roles of wicked villainess to the extreme. They acted as Andi’s boss and supervisor at the casino where they all worked, and while many of us have dealt with overbearing and demanding bosses, these two acted in ways that were clearly an HR nightmare. Their propensity to literally shriek at the top of their lungs in front of everyone about their disappointment in Andi’s work performance and personal life was especially cartoonish. Having villains who could have been more sly and cunning in their deceptions would have been scarier in my opinion than the surface-level crazy these two characters constantly emitted.

Another rather frustrating detail of this read was that almost every chapter would end on a cliffhanger scene or comment, and then the subsequent chapter would change gears to focus on another issue entirely. It was literary whiplash! It seems this technique was employed in an attempt to build a sense of tension to the read which all culminated in what was probably supposed to be an unexpected climactic twist. Unfortunately, the surprise we were presented with was fairly obvious early on in the book, so all of that build-up eventually led to a final reveal that wasn’t as rewarding as I was hoping for.

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: The Cinderella Romances, book 2.

Final Impressions: While this sequel certainly had more Cinderella elements than book one, not all of the wider plot points necessarily came together in a cohesive way. The ending focused more on resolving the romantic story-line between Garrett and Andi rather than tying up all the loose ends of some of the more dramatic embezzlement plot points. We may have gotten our happily ever after, but not everything felt entirely finished.

Smut Level: These two shared some passionate kisses that left Garrett desperate for more and Andi’s eyes rolling into the back of her head. They never take things into the bedroom though.

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Cinderella Busted by Petie McCarty

What happens after Prince Charming discovers the truth about Cinderella? Can there be a happily ever after for a relationship based in deception?

What’s it About?

Cinderella’s fairy tale moves to Jupiter Island, Florida, where Lily Foster, owner of an eclectic landscape nursery, is mistaken for a wealthy socialite by billionaire resort developer Rhett Buchanan. Overdue for a little romance in her life, Lily is anxious for one fabulous date with her handsome prince, so she cultivates her inadvertent masquerade.

Rhett Buchanan has become jaded with the Palm Beach social scene, dominated by scheming women desperate for more money—his money. Rhett falls hard when he meets Lily Foster. She is a breath of fresh air after the smog of gold diggers constantly surrounding him.

For Rhett and Lily, it’s love at first sight until her deception comes to light and pitches their relationship into a disastrous tailspin. Well-meaning friends are determined to intercede and resort to inept high jinks to reunite the estranged couple while a wicked ex-girlfriend plays dirty to keep the couple apart.

First Impressions

When it comes to modern retellings of classic fairy tales, you better believe I’ll be first in line to read them. This particular story of romance begins with a chance encounter between a billionaire bachelor, Rhett, and a landscape nursery owner, Lily. They’re both clearly smitten with each other, and quickly start a flirtatious dialogue that will fill you with glee. Lily is unfamiliar with such attention by the local elite of her town, and she realizes that Rhett assumes her to be a wealthy plant and flower aficionado rather than the owner of the business.

Now, I’m not entirely convinced being the owner of a successful, locally owned business with long-standing ties to the community would be something you need to hide from a potential suitor, but nonetheless Lily chooses to do just that. She chooses to live in this fairy tale of attention to indulge in just one picture-perfect date with Rhett before calling it quits. What she didn’t anticipate was the intimate connection which develops so quickly between them, and as one date turns into two, then into a weeklong getaway to New York City, she finds it increasingly difficult to reveal the truth about who she is. But if we know anything about fairy tales, it’s that all secrets must eventually come out into the open.

An Unexpected Progression

Everything up until this point in the story, and even some of the aftermath of the big reveal to Lily’s true identity, was a sheer delight. However, I remember being surprised to see that this was all happening within the first third of the novel. Surely after a brief spat about Lily hiding her true profession from Rhett they’ll proceed to kiss and make up and all will be well, right? Or maybe I ended up with a Kindle version that had the entire series in one file? Maybe it’ll just be one really really long epilogue to take up the remaining two-thirds of the book? Not so much. Instead what follows was an extremely drawn out back-and-forth of Lily trying to explain herself, but Rhett refuses to listen. Then when he finally does open his ears to her explanation and they’re seemingly on the mend, something will happen to portray Rhett in a negative light, and now he’s the one trying to win her back. And then it all starts over again on repeat. It was pretty tiring after a while.

The Missing Piece

Overall the story had a lot of positive elements, but the breakdown of the acts just needed to be weighted differently. Rather than having so much back-and-forth mistrust and misunderstanding between them, I think the story could have benefitted from a few more scenes where Lily and Rhett were getting to know each other during that fairy tale week together. We see that at the conclusion of that week they’ve developed a deep emotional connection that they’re both eventually willing to fight for. We have to question though how much they could have discussed seeing as Lily’s business is one of the most important features of her life, and envelops her community of family and friends, yet this is the key detail she keeps secret from Rhett the whole time. Basically, how could she have revealed anything substantive about her life when she keeps the most important and all-consuming part of her life a secret? They also never had sex during this time, so their conversation really was the crucial linchpin in establishing their relationship.

The Evil Ex-Girlfriend

No fairy tale would be complete without a villain, and this story certainly provides us with a villainess who packs a punch. An ex-girlfriend of Rhett’s who doesn’t know when to quit, this woman screams evil upon first meeting. While she was entertaining at the start, she was also pretty one-dimensional in her motivation to win Rhett back for his money and sexual prowess. She’s also in desperate need of a thesaurus to discover another way to refer to Lily other than “slut” and “gold-digger”. Soooo many slut references. Her scheming does escalate rather dramatically by the end, and you just want to tell this woman to take a chill-pill and find another fish in the sea already. Rhett clearly isn’t into her anymore, so why bother with him?

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: The Cinderella Romances, book 1. There are some delightful secondary characters presented in this book, and we almost get to know them better than Rhett and Lily. I can’t wait to see them featured in their own stories going forward.

Final Impressions: A strong start, but this story quickly involves to much back-and-forth of grudges and longing between Rhett and Lily that left the overall plot feeling unbalanced. I really wish we saw more of what brought these two together so closely during that week together that they’re basically in love by the end of it.

Smut Level: We get a few kisses, but no sex.

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