I’m Going to China!

Holy shit, this trip came up quick. I hope I didn’t forget anything. By the time you read this I will probably already be flying over the US and Pacific Ocean on my way to China for a two week business trip. Two…whole…weeks. Although I’m not really looking forward to literally 24 hours of travel time from my departure city to my destination, it will give me plenty of time to prepare for my business meetings. Ha! Yeah right. My Kindle is fully charged, and I’ve downloaded some fabulous new romance releases to occupy my time. Still though, 24 hours of sitting in airports and airplanes is gonna be painful.

shanghaiThis isn’t my first trip to China, but it will be the first time I’ll be there while simultaneously maintaining a blog. I’ve scheduled some posts for all of you during my absence, but I honestly can’t guarantee if they’ll post at the right time, in the right format, or even at all. 12 hour time change and limited internet connection can be a bitch. Also, don’t expect a ton of communication from me via e-mail, blog comments or Twitter. I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures though, and write a summary post when I get back! I can already tell you I’m going to eat ALL the food. 再见!我会想你们! If that just showed up as empty squares, then your computer isn’t set to read Chinese characters and you should get on that.