Savage Urges by Suzanne Wright

When you find a woman who knows how to interpret your grunts, well that’s a woman worth keeping. Even if she is a lone wolf.

What’s it About? 

savage urges

She’s a lone wolf with a cause. As a volunteer at a shelter for lone shifters—the same one that rescued her—Makenna Wray has dedicated her life to finding homes for its residents. And when she discovers that a teen in her care is related to Ryan Conner, the broody, handsome-as-sin enforcer of the Phoenix Pack, she’s eager to help connect the two. She just wasn’t prepared to feel a connection of her own.

Lone wolves are loners for a reason—and most of them bad. Or so Ryan assumes until he meets the mysterious Makenna. Quirky and sensual, she seems to enjoy riling him, especially when she refuses to discuss her past. Although there is no mating bond, he’s sure she’s the one. All he has to do is be patient and wait. But when another pack’s sinister Alpha comes sniffing around, threatening Makenna and her shelter, this enforcer is ready to let his wolf off the leash.

First Impressions

What I always find so unique about this series is how in each book our main couple often discovers they are mates in different ways. It’s never the same big reveal on repeat every time, which can sometimes happen when dealing with a series of this length. In this novel, what makes it all the more interesting is that close-mouthed Ryan is the one who first discovers they are destined to be together, and he has to try and convince the seemingly carefree Makenna of their mating link. Such a complex role reversal that we haven’t really seen before.


Although she feels an undeniable chemistry with Ryan, Makenna is hesitant to acknowledge they are mates in case it isn’t actually true. As the story progresses, we uncover that her hesitations aren’t just related to her bond with Ryan, but with the Phoenix Pack as a whole. Makenna has been a lone wolf since she was a little girl, and fears that by joining a pack it means they might eventually abandon her. We haven’t really been introduced to any lone wolf characters in this series before, but their stories draw you in where you just want to learn more. Combine that with a somewhat eccentric female lead and a male whose literal job is to protect his pack? You can’t help but be entertained.

A Threat to Loners

The suspenseful story line in this book was definitely a standout within the series. Makenna works at a shelter for loners who are on the run, and their safety is being threatened by an alpha wolf who wants to claim the shelter for his own. The shelter itself provides us with a slew of new and lovable characters. However, we can see that it isn’t the only dramatic point in the novel, although it is sort of the center point from which all the drama unfolds.


We have Ryan’s nephew who is on the run from a hurtful pack who wants him back under any means necessary, and it simply wouldn’t be a Phoenix Pack novel without a few human extremists running around demanding blood. Again, all of these issues involve the shelter in some way, which simultaneously heightens the suspense, and threatens the existence of the shelter as it is attacked form multiple enemies. Ryan comes to help the shelter, but so does his entire pack. It makes Makenna question if the lone wolf lifestyle is really for her anymore.

A Continuing Theme

As is often the case with the novels in this series, I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed with how the drama progressed. There’s always a spurt of introduction to it at the very beginning, and it all comes together for a climactic end, but it’s pretty absent from the middle section of the novel. However, this in no way means the middle part isn’t interesting. Far from it!


Seeing Makenna try to make the tough-as-nails Ryan loosen up, and him trying to convince her of their mating link was thoroughly entertaining. It’s just a shame that the dramatic elements are always pushed to the back burner. That being said, I will admit that this novel probably does some of the best work in the series of trying to weave those suspenseful points into as much of the story as possible. While not perfect, it’s definitely an improvement from the last few Phoenix Pack stories.

Series: The Phoenix Pack, book 5. I can’t wait to see what comes next in this series as a wolf shifter falls for a raven. Inter-species y’all!!

Should you read it? I really do enjoy this series, and this novel was superior to some of the others which came before it. The characters are relatable and lovable, even if they are wolves. That’s something else about this series which is utterly fascinating. So many of the social scenarios concerning rival factions, prejudices, and outsiders can be drawn to issues which we see in our own society today. Who knew you’d be able to see such stark parallels in a paranormal series about wolves?!?!

Smut Level: This book will make you drool like a wolf with how hot and steamy it can get.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $4.99 Kindle Price. Montlake Romance. 318 Pages.

The Worse for Were by Abigail Owen

Nothing like a plethora of werewolf pheromones flying about to really get you in the mood.

What’s it About?


The Canis and Banes packs of werewolves have been feuding for centuries. The Hatfields and McCoys were a tea party in comparison. Until Marrok Banes, the Alpha of his pack, decides to end the fighting with a marriage of convenience. Never mind that he can’t keep his hands off his gorgeous new mate.

Tala Canis is the new Alpha of the Canis clan, the first female to claim that right, a position hard fought and won. For the sake of her people she agrees to wed Marrok. Never mind that the Alpha, once her enemy, makes her body flash heat with a single look.

But after the mating ceremony, Marrok only seems interested in one thing…taking over their combined pack while leaving Tala out of the loop. If her Alpha mate can’t learn to share, then it’s time to show him exactly why she’s an Alpha herself.

First Impressions

When it came to this book, I actually took a big risk by breaking my cardinal rule. I read it immediately after reading the first book in this series, which I absolutely adored. Normally when this happens, I try to read another book in between to try and tame my expectations. But with this many pheromones in the air, I simply couldn’t wait, and instead chose to dive right in. I’m happy to say that I loved this book just as mush as the first one! The plots of the two novels merge together and occur simultaneously, so I’d definitely recommend reading book 1 first. That way, you not only have a better understanding of what’s going on, but you have an even deeper connection to the characters.

Battle of the Alphas

All you know I’m a huge fan when it comes to an alpha leading man. Throw in an alpha werewolf, and oh nellie am I on board! After all, there tends to be a lot more licking involved. But throw an alpha female werewolf into the mix?! Good God in Heaven someone crack open a window from all the heat we’ve got going on around here.


On the one hand, you’ve got two alphas in the bedroom, or in some instances on a cave floor, and how could you not be intrigued by this? We’re all used to the male alpha being the dominating force in the bedroom, and Marrok can definitely rise to the call of duty. However, sometimes Tala takes the reigns to be on top and tie him up for a change. Love it!


On the other hand though, we see how combining 2 packs under 2 alphas can create a whole new set of challenges. Who is the ultimate decision maker? Can they both compromise in order to find a way to lead together, even if it means giving away a bit of their alpha-ness? When factions are created within the pack, and Tala’s leadership is threatened, they’ll have to find a way to make it work together.


*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: Legendary Consultants, book 2. I need the next book already!

Should you read it? This novel is a great read, and explores the facets of leadership conflicting with stereotypical gender norms. Intense and sexy moments make it a hard one to put down.

Smut Level: Two dominant alphas in the bedroom can only lead to delicious things in my opinion.

Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $0.99 Kindle Price. Amazon Digital Services LLC. 141 Pages.


Awaiting Fate by J.L. Sheppard

Believe it or not, this book has prompted me to add a new category to my side-bar: paranormal romance! I’m sure many of you will be tickled pink at the new addition. By the way, I totally meant to post this at 1:30pm, and instead it went out at 1:30am. Oops!

The Synopsis

awaitingCain Thaler’s lived more than four hundred years fighting rogue immortals, avenging the family he’d lost. It’s all he’s needed, all he’s wanted. That changes the fateful day he lays eyes on his fated mate. Olivia Waden, a werewolf princess, is nothing like him. Unwilling to give her up, he sets a plan into motion: ignoring his need to claim her, he befriends her. Despite Cain’s best efforts at friendship, Olivia has fallen hard for him. It is him she dreams of, him she wants as her fated mate. But she is sure he doesn’t feel the same way. In way over her head, she has no option but to run away from the only man she’s ever loved. Will Cain find Olivia before it’s too late or will their differences tear them apart?

Initial Thoughts

If you ever want to read a romance novel featuring an intense and possessive alpha male, all you have to do is pick one up featuring werewolves. It’s pretty much a guaranteed alpha-fest, what with all the marking and the mating going on. Even though Cain is a demon, he’s fallen in love with a werewolf princess, and has all the same signs of mating jealousy common of werewolves. By now you all should know that I’m always up for a nice slice of alpha-male with whipped cream on top, but goodness gracious, paranormal guys really need to learn to calm down when it comes to their females. Maybe a nice bubble bath with a glass of wine and some Enya music is in order.

This book definitely had a lot of sexual build up, as Cain immediately recognizes Olivia as his mate when they first meet, but he waits over 5 months to tell her they are fated. Olivia has just recently discovered that there are species other than werewolves, and he doesn’t want to scare her off to the fact that her mate is a demon. Even after she learns that Cain is her true mate, he waits even longer before marking her because her exceedingly protective werewolf brother isn’t aware of the fact that his baby sister is gonna be shacking up with a demon for the rest of her life. And you thought your household had tense family dinners.

Trust Issues

An interesting, and yet extremely annoying, facet of this book was the lack of trust between Olivia and Cain. She’s always had a crush on him, but believes that because Cain has never revealed he is her mate, the two aren’t destined to be together. After all, alphas go a little crazy if they aren’t constantly possessing their mate, and she’s been in the designated friend zone for over 5 months. She has fallen for him so hard that she decides to run away to get over her unrequited feelings. He follows her, and ultimately declares they are mates (not the buddy buddy kind). The problem is that she thinks his infatuation for her will wear off, and he is convinced that every time something becomes too difficult, she’ll run away.

At first, it was a unique predicament to have, which they ultimately resolved with some naked bedroom activities. However, a couple of chapters later they start fighting over the exact same thing. Seriously, I think they bring up and resolve the whole “will she run away” argument about 5 times throughout the entire novel. After a while I remember thinking, “Are they really still arguing about this?” tiredMissed Opportunity

Having so many different immortal species in one novel was definitely interesting, but overall I think there were two crucial missed opportunities which could have added extra layers of depth to the book:

1. Too many similarities between species. We’ve got demons, werewolves, fairies, and just about everything in between, but aside from how they transition out of their human form, they are all basically the same. They are immortals, they have mates, they are fated to find their mates, they are ridiculously possessive once they find their mates, and they all mark their mates via biting. In addition, they spend so much time in their human form that you don’t really get to witness how they are truly distinct. Cain changes a few times, but Olivia is pretty much always human. Now if we had had a little werewolf/demon sex scene, that would have been different! Although to be fair, if I transformed into a hairy beast with large fangs and claws (aka my true form after a long, cold winter), I’d probably stick to my human form as much as possible too. werewolf2. Lack of suspense. Throughout the novel there are multiple references to this major war brewing behind the scenes between the immortals and another species called Malums, yet the entire book focuses on the mating love story between Cain and Olivia. I kept waiting around for some ultimate good vs. evil fight scene, but in the end all we get is a tussle between Cain and Olivia’s brother. In addition, all of the interesting facts about Cain’s troubled past as a demon orphan, and his current battles against the rogue immortals are all mentioned in passing, without any real focus on the events taking place in the other dimensions. Don’t get me wrong, I love tales of romance more than the next single female, but whenever there is the opportunity for a little added suspense, it should definitely be taken. Hopefully we’ll see more action in the following books.

*An ARC was provided for an honest review*

Should you read it? If you want to read about a sexy, possessive alpha-male who makes some questionable decisions in regards to claiming his mate, then yes. If you want some action to go with your romance, then you won’t find much of it here.

Series: Fated Immortal series, book 1. I’d probably give the next book a go. There are a few other interesting couples featured in book 1, and I hope they become the focus of the following books in the series.

Smut Level: Overall it was a pretty hot and steamy read, with more description of the foreplay than the act itself. Lots of biting. Grrr.

Get it on Amazon: This book just came out today, so click here to get your Kindle copy for $4.99.