The Ultimate Betrayal!!

My dear readers, I hate to admit it, but I am considering committing one of the most terrible atrocities of all time. After 8 years of loyal service, and perhaps the most meaningful relationship of my adult life, I am debating the purchase of a new Kindle.


Now, why is this such a betrayal you might ask? Simple. This is the only Kindle I’ve every owned, and I’ve come to view it as something I could never live without. Hands down one of the first things I’d need with me if I were to be deserted on an island. More importantly, technically it is in working order. I can read through a book just fine, the battery still holds a decent charge, the screen is in ship shape (for the most part), and it just has a few minor scuffs on its edges from being dropped an indeterminate number of times.


I can also still load new books and divide them into my fabulously organized categories. But this is where the problem arises. It…takes…forever to do so. Several minutes will have passed by the time my Kindle manages to sync with my new purchases, and the lag time in moving a book to a new category has reached a point of hilarity. I find myself having to open the Kindle app on my phone to read a bit just to pass the time. Also, every once in a while it freezes up and I have to hold the power button to “off” for a good five minutes to force it to restart.


Therefore, I think the time to purchase a newer version may have finally arrived. And this is where a new dilemma comes to the forefront, and one that I’m asking for all of your help in solving. Which one should I buy as a replacement? I currently own the 2nd generation Kindle, and while I always thought it was light and convenient to carry around, I’ve discovered that compared to some of the more recent generations it’s basically a brick weighing down my purse. Considering I literally carry my Kindle with me every day, something lightweight is extremely important. Although, I won’t lie it’s also kind of nice to be able to turn my purse into a battering ram when necessary.


In addition, seeing as I read almost 150 books last year, a version that doesn’t strain the eyes is also paramount. I don’t want anything that looks like a computer screen. While a Kindle will never feel like a real book, it needs to look like one as much as possible. So, do you all have any suggestions? Honestly, I’d prefer to stick to a Kindle rather than another brand, but if you have a compelling reason to consider something else, feel free to put forward any recommendations in the comment section!


15 thoughts on “The Ultimate Betrayal!!

  1. I feel your pain. I would get the one that gives you the best readability in the sunlight. I don’t know the names of all the various kindles I read almost exclusively on my iPhone if I am reading an e-book otherwise it’s paperback.
    And I recently got a new iPhone having avoided replacing my old cracked one for a very long time it finally started to act up as you described your Kindle was acting up. I successfully moved all of my books and contacts music etc to the new phone. But now I am having trouble with Amazon recognizing my new device. New purchases are not going to my device. Tearing my hair out over here. Good luck!

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  2. I wish I could help. I’m on my first Kindle still. No idea what generation it is, but it’s “old.” I don’t use it a ton, mostly when I travel. And I have it synced to my phone. Never thought I’d like reading on my phone, but I do. It’s so convenient. Good luck. I can’t believe you read 1500 books last year. But I guess you’d have to in order to review as many as you do.

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  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab3. I love it because I can have both Kindle and Nook books on one tablet. I can also write notes on it. But i understand having to get a new reader. You’re lucky though that you got 8 years out of yours. I only made it 4 years before I had to get a new one. Was having to keep it charging almost constantly when it was on.

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  4. I have an “old” Kindle–before the “Fire” came out. I keep that as my backup. I carry my Fire everywhere with me. The only drawback to the newer Kindle, such as the Fire, that I’ve seen is books can’t be organized into folders as we could do with the older Kindle.

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  5. I have two Kindle Fire e-readers and two Nooks, one a Simple Touch (no longer made) and one that is backlit so that it can be read in the dark. I love them all, but for reading my Nooks are preferred (no other possibility for playing games and logging onto social media sites); however, having said that, I use one Kindle Fire for games, social media, and a bit of reading and the other strictly for reading and the camera once in a while. For getting library books, I use the Kindle as I can no longer move the files onto my Nooks without major hassles (and life is too short). In fact, I have an upcoming vacation and will probably take them all, or at least one Kindle and one Nook. But for the e-reader that is most book-like, I vote for the Nook. It was the one that lasts longest on a charge, and except for few exceptions, I can download any book published. ~nan

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  6. I also have a second generation, and I absolutely adore it. Mine is still loading at a decent speed though, fingers crossed. I have a Fire, but honestly I hardly ever use it. I’ve heard good things about the Paperwhite, and when my second generation starts to go, I’ll probably get that one. Good luck!


  7. You’ve likely made a decision already, but I would just buy the least expensive kindle. That’s what I did when my old kindle died. It holds charge for forever and doesn’t have a backlit screen, so easy to read outside. Plus, it wasn’t too expensive!


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