Back from China!

Hello one and all! Well, I just made it back to the US from an unbelievably short one week trip to China for work. It’s always fun going back, even if for business purposes, and even if it takes an entire day to travel there. Nothing like a 5 hr 30 min layover in the Beijing airport to pass the time. And the worst jet lag you could ever imagine.

But I must say the interminably long flights did help me catch up on practically every super-hero movie which has ever been created in preparation for watching Avengers: Infinity War when I got back.

Anyway, sorry if I’ve been kind of quiet on my blog here, and non-responsive to emails and review requests, but it’s been quite a busy week! Thought I’d share some pics with y’all from my trip to Nanjing, China.


Definitely bought about 5 too many books, but when you find the Hunger Games trilogy in Chinese? Can’t say no!!


Best breakfast ever. Coffee drink and baozi.


Confucius Temple area of Nanjing.


Nanjing Normal University


Pearl S. Buck house in Nanjing.


I for one do love a heart-warming toilet.


Confucius Temple area in Nanjing.


And as with every trip, I already miss the foooooood!!!!

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