His New Submissive Boxed Set by Elanna Reese

Nope, nope, nope! Sorry, but I just can’t get into this kind of BDSM. Sure, I might be able to wrap my head around the whole d/s relationship in the bedroom, but once you take it outside into the real world it’s a whole different issue.

What’s it About? his new submissive

Jack finally accepts that finding a submissive who will meet his needs isn’t likely to happen. Until he meets Nekane. It starts normally enough with building sand castles and drinks in a bar, but ends with Jack bringing Nekane to the edge of the chasm that holds her darkest fears. Can Jack keep her safely tethered as she follows along the dangerous path of their desires? Can he meet her depraved needs while she is suffering for his pleasure?

First Impressions

Depraved needs and suffering for pleasure just aren’t topics I want to read about after a long and tiring day. I’m not saying I need ponies and wildflowers either, but my goodness, a relationship with a little respect would be nice. The relationship represented between Jack and Nekane seemed so demeaning I simply couldn’t sympathize with it. He shared her with others, she talks about feeling used, humiliated, fearful, and she’d cry during some of their scenes which would only urge him on even more. Nekane obviously has some issues from her past, which aren’t revealed to us in any of the 6 novellas comprising this boxed set. At one point she even questions Jack why she lets people she loves humiliate her. Yikes! Rather than take advantage of her obviously fragile mental state, maybe he should have put her in touch with a really good therapist.


Master or Dickwad? 

So, they have an unconventional relationship to say the least. But then when they introduce the whole Master/slave terminology I really had trouble finishing the boxed set. I couldn’t help but think of it as a really demented version of I Dream of Jeannie. Yes Master, no Master. Then when he presents her with his collar to wear, as well as a leash, their relationship transforms from master/slave to owner/dog.


He’s a dominant, she’s a submissive. Not too shocking. But they take this d/s interaction to a whole new level of degradation. He talks about how once she fully submits to him as his slave he will take away her decision-making power, to the point where she can’t drink, go to the bathroom, or even move without his say so. How is this sexy?!? Why doesn’t he just get himself a blow-up doll that he can literally manipulate at his pleasure, without having to worry about it providing any real human emotion? I have a feeling even cavemen treated their women with more respect than this guy.

blow up

*A copy of this book was provided for an honest review*

Series: His New Submissive, books 1-6.

Should you read it? There are a crap ton of grammar issues, plus a man on a power trip who treats his woman like a dog. I guess some people are into that kind of thing?

Smut Level: It was hard to picture some of their scenes, not that I really wanted to picture them in clear detail, but I couldn’t always tell how she was tied up. There’s one scene where she has to walk with a spreader between her legs, and I couldn’t help but think of her waddling like a penguin.


Get it on Amazon: Click Here. $4.99 Kindle Price. LBD Books. 117 Pages.

3 thoughts on “His New Submissive Boxed Set by Elanna Reese

  1. Yea, BDSM on this level is not my cup of tea either. I cannot understand why putting a leash on another person is supposed to be sexy.
    If a woman thinks that he must love her because he humiliates her, she has some emotional issues she needs to work out before trying to get into a romantic relationship.

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  2. I like certain aspects of BDSM, but when you take it outside the bedroom, that’s when it starts to get a little weird to me. Telling me what I can and cannot eat, and when I can go to the bathroom? That’s pushing it.

    Hahahahahaha. I just laughed so hard at the part where you compared a spreader to a penguin! I never thought of it that way! My boyfriend gave me a funny look because I was doubling over from laughter. Love it!

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