Commercial Break

Whenever I tell a friend of mine that I’ve finished reading another book, I always brace myself for one inevitable question. Sure, they’ll want to know if it was good, and maybe what I plan on reading next. But there’s another question that is always bound to come up: how do I find the time to read?


I have a pretty average 9-5 job, manage to socialize at many a happy hour with friends, watch more TV than I should, and even practice a little piano every now and then. People always seem surprised when I mention that I can find some time to read in there too, and they often express sadness over the fact that they don’t read as much as they’d like to. Believe me you guys, it’s not as hard as you think to find a little time every day to open a book. You just have to keep your eye out for the perfect opportunity.


It might sound strange, but one of my favorite times to read is during the commercial breaks when I watch TV. It’s the perfect example of “killing two birds with one stone”. My family always likes to record TV shows so that they can fast forward through the commercials later, but you can actually get a lot done during those commercial breaks! Whereas some people complain about how long commercials can last, in my opinion, the longer the better! Every night I love to watch Conan O’Brien on TBS, and when the commercial break comes around I boot up my Kindle and get some reading done. You’ll be surprised at how much you can actually read in an hour-long TV show that airs four nights a week.


In addition to that, I’m a huge fan of listening to audio books whenever I walk to work, do my nightly meal prep for dinner, or when I clean the dishes. Yeah, not having a dishwasher sucks ass, but you just gotta find a way to turn that negative into a positive. So for all of you who think you don’t have the time to read, just try to find some creative ways to open a book a little bit each day. You don’t always have to sit down for hours at a time. Believe me, all those little moments can definitely add up, and you’ll be finishing a book in no time!


7 thoughts on “Commercial Break

  1. I always carry a book with me. When I’m not sitting down to read for a spell, I read during waiting time at the doctor’s office, while water is boiling for pasta and yes, during commercials with Jeopardy is on! 🙂


  2. I think if you’re really interested with what you’re reading or reading as a whole, it’s easier for you to find time to finish at most a chapter. In my case, that is 😊

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  3. I totally agree. I find snippets of time in my busy schedule to enjoy a few pages. When I have a doctor appointment I know I can get a solid chapter or two read in the waiting room. 🙂 And I can’t go to sleep without reading. It’s one of the joys of life.

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  4. I completely agree with you. Even though I still wish I had more time to read all books I have on my TBR. I always carry a book or my kindle with me on the train every day so that’s 20min of reading each way. Since kindle app syncs on my phone I also sometimes read when I am in queues or waiting rooms (yeah guess I’m not the only one haha). I have tried audio books before and to be honest I could even manage to listen to those at work if I wanted to. I just don’t seem to get into them and it makes it hard for me to focus on the story.

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  5. I love this!! I need to get my book out more. Even though i take a book with me everywhere i never get it out alot of the time as im scared im going to get into it and then not here my name or forget where i am. I so behind on my reading i definatley going to get my book out more everyday! im going to take your advice in ways to do it

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  6. What a cool post! I always find time to read. I know when you’re an author, too, sometimes it’s hard but I couldn’t live without reading. I’ve done the commercial thing, too. LOL So glad to know I’m not alone, reading during commercial breaks.


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